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I finally got around to making a comic about the whole Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange mess. :D

For those of you wondering why Australia got the role as Assange, it’s simply because Assange is Australian.

15th December 2010


33 F
4 days ago #9276036        

This comic bothers me more and more with time. The attitude is basically "Who gives a rats arse that literally half a dozen courts in two countries have ruled against him in the rape case, clearly they're wrong and he's innocent and the girls are just lying sluts!" Because famous people who write on their blog about how they're a god to women and women's brains can't do math, a guy who stands accused of sexually harassing even whistleblowers he was working with, a guy who already had accusations of stalking against him before he got famous... such people *never* commit rape, clearly!

No, obviously, let's all pile up against the women having their day in court because we like defendent's unrelated work. Surely we've NEVER seen this "if we like the guy then the girls are lying sluts and screw what the courts say" pattern before, heavens no...

Heck, in his court hearings his attorneys have all but admitted that he did it. Emmerson (one of his attorneys) even stated that Assange starting to F* SW while she was sleeping wasn't really rape because she didn't immediately push him out when she woke up. Ignoring that the reason she'd been refusing unprotected sex with him all night was fear of pregnancy and disease and it had thus become too late to prevent the need for having to go to the hospital for tests, not to mention the whole shock aspect, *his attorneys admitted that he started F*ing unprotected a girl who there's written (SMS) and spoken (testimony from friends she talked to) proof of her having spent the whole evening repeatedly refusing unprotected sex*, using the fact that SW was sleeping to work around her refusal of consent. Which is legally rape in almost any country in the world, including Sweden, and *damn well should be*. Sleep is NOT consent, PERIOD. Nor does a person finding out that someone started F*ing them against their will in their sleep and going into shock make the act of F*ing them in their sleep into "consent".

But hey, let's all write comics playing down rape and presenting the guy we like as being set up in contradiction with repeated court rulings...

There's so damned much I could say, but I'll just leave it at this quote (among so, so many) from Assange's ghostwriter, who spent a great deal of time with him during his hearings in the UK:

"The three of us went to a very pink café in the town and ordered sandwiches and cakes. We sat outside, and Julian got distracted by some young girls walking past. ‘Hold on,’ he said, and turned his gaze. ‘No,’ he said. ‘It was fine until I saw the teeth.’ One of the girls was wearing a brace. When Sarah came back and asked what we were talking about, Julian said he’d been admiring some 14-year-old girls, ‘until they came close’."

Yeah, great f'ing guy to make a hero out of and to support his fleeing of rape charges.


17 F
20 days ago #9269254        

I love America's face when he says "Um... No waaaaay! What a pig? id you heard that, dad?!?"


14 M
24 days ago #9267531        


2 months ago #9249690        

Russia's just like, "Yup, that's the truth. I won't deny it."



22 F
4 months ago #9204331        

rape is not funny


25 M
5 months ago #9191684        

Julian Assange sucks. If he is so fucking "innocent" then why does he hide in an embassy like a bitch? Come to Sweden and face your accusations like a man. After all, if you're innocent you have nothing to fear, right?

5 months ago #9174617        

Rape Jokes aren't funny :/


27 M
6 months ago #9166530        

Funny how no one cared when it was only bro Sweden (because he probally whould have enjoed it (damn yaoi influence -.-)) and everyone got really angry when sis Sweden was involved. xD

6 months ago #9157823        

@humon There is also the fact that there is a Wiki Leaks Party in Australia.

You have to do a CAPTCHA to visit the website proper.

It's not that big a party though. I'd vote for it if I were Aussie.

7 months ago #9143476        

australia lied and misread about germany! and i agree with nightshade624 about france. dont hate on me, hate on the french ppl ive socialized with. and again agreed, dont hate me because you hate my government. how does that make you any better?

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