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I finally got around to making a comic about the whole Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange mess. :D

For those of you wondering why Australia got the role as Assange, it’s simply because Assange is Australian.

15th December 2010


18 M
9 days ago #9312350        

I shall commit evil to destroy greater evil ~ Sweden


15 F
26 days ago #9301590        

I love how England spanks Australia.

26 days ago #9301471        

The smug grin on Russia's face sums up why I like him so much


48 M
28 days ago #9300731        


Don't put words in my mouth, because I said nothing of the sort. What I said was that this is a webcomic and you're overreacting to a webcomic that was about a story in the news. If you didn't like the comic she made, say so. But shouting something like " support rape accusation falsehoods", or whatever, is going WAY overboard. You're trying to put motive or intent into somebody else's actions or thoughts. And just like trying to put words in my mouth, as you did above, it's simply the wrong thing to do. Your argument is a fallacy if you have to put a strawman into somebody's hands to make your case.

If you don't like the webcomic, don't read it. Other than that, I'm done talking to you so don't bother replying.


33 F
28 days ago #9300700        

@KOakaKO You're defining "the rape charges are made up" as "real world story". Apparently by "real world story" you mean "rape denial spread by the guy's fans".


48 M
28 days ago #9300554        


No, she's putting an actual news article into a comic. Using relevant info from the real-world story. Which is what people often do, when making a comic of this type. Your reaction to a topical webcomic was seriously out of proportion. If you want to vent your anger somewhere, go join an "I hate Assange" website. I'm sure they exist...


33 F
28 days ago #9300375        

@KOakaKO Oh please. Sweden in the comic literally says "We have to stop him! Do something!" then "Uh... ehm... Australia raped me!!!" and then "And.. eh... And my sister too!" Please don't act like we're idiots and pretend that she's not portraying the charges as made up.


48 M
29 days ago #9300189        

@Beep This isn't just a random attempt at humor. It was an obvious reference to Assange and his legal problems of the time. If you think the artist of SatW didn't do well on this day's comic then say so, but it has nothing to do with what you're talking about. The whole issue with Assange and his accusations, and counter-accusations, etc, existed long before this was drawn and posted here.

Plus, if @Karen wants to be angry at the artist who makes SatW because of this, then she's completely missing the target of what's making her angry. The actual target would be Assange, or his accuser, or Swedish media... or whoever. This comic is doing nothing more than saying, "This is what I heard somebody say on the news", and that's certainly nothing to throw the flaming arrows for.

1 month ago #9298924        

I have to say I agree with Karen on this one.
I love this comic but this strip which reinforces the 'false accusation' trope that makes it so hard to get rape addressed in so many countries is just unfortunately a very irresponsible and would be quite triggering for some people.
And yes I know that this is just supposed to be lighthearted fun but when something that is so intrinsic to rape culture and so damaging, is given yet another platform of acceptance, it just helps to reinforce a concept that really needs combating.

1 month ago #9297991        

And then there's Sister Sweden, who's just like "What's going on here?"

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