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Nordic Brothers

Nordic Brothers

Sweden and Denmark have fought each other for as long as anyone can remember and holds the record for most wars fought between them. Yes, we even beat the two big enemies of Europe, England and France.
So is it any wonder we make fun of each other today? Heck, it’s a miracle we even refer to each other as “Nordic brothers”. :XD:

And what did we fight over? Well, mainly Norway, occasionally Scania, and every now an then Denmark tried to take over Sweden. Fun times, fun times.

19th December 2010

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16 O
2 years ago #9462867        



and then we have the happy moments in öresund if you remember from a while back

3 years ago #9382502        



but deep deep inside our hearts, we secretly like each other.
i mean..öresundsbron is like a engagement.

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19 F
9 months ago #9646787        



Sweden and Denmark = me and my sister

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19 M
1 year ago #9582631        



Norway's just like, roll with it, England. This happens all the time

1 year ago #9554465        



More than England and France ?!?! Those two must of really hated eachother !

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3 months ago #9716072        



I’ll be honest, Denmark was quite poor to challenge Sweden when both their leaders and land territory were never suited for war. How can soldiers and civilians alike hide within flat lands?

I like the amount of history it created~

6 months ago #9685891        



I thought England and France would have been the big ones. Didn't realize the Denmark/Sweden wars went longer!

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6 months ago #9682745        



While Sweden and Denmark were repeating a war, it was examined how long Denmark was defeated.
As a result, after 1658, Denmark loses a battle 98 % in Sweden.
Moreover Denmark is challenging to most wars first.

Japan challenged the United States to a war by the fighting power of the American 0.1% before.

The character is very similar to Denmark and Japan.
Both are reckless and moreover they're stupid.

Denmark is a flat country.
When Sweden and Germany invade and come, he has no places where he hides.
The Danish kings weren't suitable for a war at all.
There were no natural resources in Denmark at all.

Russia became very strong suddenly then.

France and UK are international the time, a rule was being led.
But they were more partial to Sweden than Denmark in their safe purpose.
Because there was fighting power which stops a Russian European invasion in Sweden.

Almost no Danish territory insistence was admitted.
Gradually, he was being isolated from an international society.

Unfortunately the international rule isn't always fair.
That changes with convenience in the Great Powers in the time.

The justice doesn't exist there.
This is just similar even at present.

The time when Denmark was strong was only until the Middle Ages.

6 months ago #9679475        



…A European origin is I! It's SWEDEN!


Sweden also has the cruel aspect.
He united with France and made Holy Rome be annihilated.

Sweden was a very strong country.
But he seems to have had a strong complex.
He's more naive than the appearance.
Sweden's a snob, but he's very cute!

Old Sweden behaved faithfully in its desire.
I prefer old Sweden to Sweden of the “Equal geek” now.
But it's lucky for Japan that he wasn't a neighboring country.

Sweden was always fighting against Russia.
Finland was always used as a hard fought battlefield of bilateral.
Pitiful Finland!
It's natural for him to have come always to grasp a knife.

7 months ago #9678015        



The monarch of Swedish successive generations is very strong, and it's cool, so there are also many passionate fans of Swedish history in Japan.

But I sympathize with the discounted side.
Denmark was a very strong country, but he kept being defeated by Sweden cruelly, and it was ruined.
Moreover that continued for hundreds of years.
I sympathized with Denmark.
I'm certain that that was hellish every day for Danes.

Well, a monarch from Karl I to Karl VI doesn't exist in Sweden.
But Karl XII is very famous.

Sweden isn't older than Denmark.
So it may be the one by which Sweden cheated the number of the monarch.
If that was his scheme which tried to be opposed against long Denmark of history, I think that's very pretty.

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