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Denmark the Artist

You thought I would ignore the Muhammed drawings? I’m a Dane! We fucking love to joke about it!

See Sweden and Norway? This is what happens when you leave Denmark alone for too long. He starts drawing!

I have only sort of hinted at it so far, but Denmark is supposed to be racist without realising it. Especially this little incident gave us that reputation.

Bonus info: The irony of the flag-burning? According to tradition, the only way to get rid of Dannebrog (name of the Danish flag) without offending it, is to burn it. :XD:

1st October 2009

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2 years ago #9408547        



If muslims can't handle mohammad drawngs they can stay away from free countries!

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30 F
2 years ago #9491163        



Denmark is my hero lol.


22 M
12 months ago #9603573        



So... you (as in Humon) are okay with being offensive to essentially all Islamic countries in the entire world by explicitly stating that you made a depiction of Muhammed but feel like you have to make sure that we all know that you're not insulting your own flag by burning it but rather that you're showing it proper respect?

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22 M
2 years ago #9406536        



Question: Why are Syrian and Iran the two countries in the middle east fighting each other? I get Iraq and Iran or Saudi Arabia and Iran or Turkey and Iran or... well, you get it, but Syria and Iran are actually supportive of one another (well, if you still count Assad as the Syrian leader, which he was at the time of this comic).


21 M
3 years ago #9377281        



Religion is toxic.

If I was forced to choose a religion I would gather my vikingr friends from Denmark, Norway, Iceland and wherever else we may have relatives and resurrect the Norse Religion and form a new Æsir.

That would be fun!

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6 days ago #9734303        



I don't know why muslim really mad about the cartoon coz there was never ever ilustrated about muhammed coz it's forbiden in qur'an so its never look a like at all, and many muslims have muhammad named in their first name, Even theres speculation that jesus not that white,blond and has blue eyes..

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13 days ago #9731401        



America is always hilarious when he cries tears for joy or sorrow. :)

1 month ago #9718354        



god dammit

2 months ago #9714027        



”Fuku no Uta” →

2 months ago #9714025        



This is the song a singer from Fukushima made for damaged Fukushima after earthquake disaster and nuclear accident. v=M_U1WB7fq7o
"Fuku no uta"

Somedey, if you say that you'd like to live at this town, I'll happy.
I'll start action from me first... to make here home at your heart.

We were dispersive up to now.
But the time when we set feeling to one just came.
" Ganbappe! (Let's do our best together)"

I'll see the future in the sky in Fukushima more than the actuality which looked down.
Wouldn't you like to entrust hope to anything born from a smiling face?

Others are simple to blame for our tragedy.
But we'll blame ourselves for that.
And we'll stand up again.
When everyone has such feeling, a quarrel would disappear from the world.

Well, what will you begin from?
I'll begin from a smiling face.

I'll sing a song.
I'll sing a song of love to this town so that love may be sung for you.

There are people who proved that a person had no barriers which aren't got over.
Wouldn't you like to smile to have an ambition in the future only a little?

We'd like to make Fukushima the town where everyone can have a dream.
Fukushima's person should be able to do that.
Even if it's frustrated, we can stand up.

(It's excerpted.)


At the same time as this, a French newspaper was drawing an insensitive illustration.
The state by which many hands and feet grow from the form of Fukushima's people was drawn by the illustration.

…France is a country of freedom, equality and philanthropy!
So Franch have the right to despise a colored race and the right to discriminate!

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