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"It's okay Christiania. I'm a micronation too. Want to hang out?"

Sealand is a micronation, and one of the many children of England. The micronation he represents, as mentioned in No joints for children, is best known for having no natural landmass and instead resting on a once-abandoned Maunsell Fort constructed during World War II, which was then converted for the use of a pirate radio station. At some point, for whatever reason, the workers at the station declared themselves independent of England, and founded Sealand. Although it is not recognized by any established sovereign state, Sealand considers itself "de facto" independent by virtue of a 1968 ruling of an English court that Sealand was (at the time) residing in international waters and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Today, it only has a population of around 50 people.

Sealand is largely neglected by England, similar to how his older brother America was when he was child. At one point he attempted to make friends with Denmark's son and fellow micronation, Christiania, only for the latter to call him a, "fucking ugly maunsell sea fort" and make him cry. He is likely a very lonely child, due to his isolation.

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