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Denmark is one of the main characters of Scandinavia and the World. He was created out of sand by Norway, who subsequently raised him alongside Sweden. Because of Norway's refusal to heed Sweden's insistence that they actually act like parents to Denmark and decision to instead raise the young country to be their friend, Denmark grew up to be the irresponsible hedonist he is today. He is characterized as being drunk often, as well as being a pleasure-seeker, willing to have sex with just about anyone (suggesting that he is either a sex addict or omnisexual). Barring the ocean, Denmark is terrified of anything that has to do with nature. He is also afraid of being left alone. He has a very good relationship with Norway and likes to party with the Netherlands and Germany. He also likes to perform yaoi surprises with The Netherlands in front of Sister Japan. Although he was apparently cared for as a child by Norway and Sweden, Norway insisted upon treating Denmark as a friend from the beginning, rather than an offspring, dismissing Sweden's suggestion to lay out rules and discipline for the young country, which may possibly explain Denmark's immature and irresponsible behavior as an adult. He is also known as the happiest country in the world, but that role has been taken over by Norway.

Denmark (and sister Denmark) have been in 371 comics out of the 558 comics on the site (he has also been in a comic that has since been deleted).

He has two main islands; Greenland, who hates him and is also an alcoholic, and the Faroe Islands, who lives with Denmark but does not have much respect for him - Denmark only ever acknowledges the Faroe Islands' existence when he remembers that the Faroe Islands owes him money. This irritates the Faroe Islands to no end.

Denmark considers Norway and Germany to be his best friends for the reasons that he has always wanted to own Norway's land, and that Germany visits him most of all (Denmark even speaks a little German, much to America's horror). It is also worth noting that Norway is the Scandinavian which Denmark fights with or disagrees with the least. Denmark does like Sweden but is often annoyed with him due to their differing views on society's rules. Denmark rarely spends time with Iceland or Finland, but considers them as his friends as well.

It is unknown if Denmark is in a romantic relationship or not. He has slept with Sister Australia, but is mostly seen as one of Denmark's usual sex acts, but 'till now they still seem to be good friends, although he sometimes or secretly acknowledges their relationship to others. It is also suggested that Denmark is either in a relationship with Norway, or perhaps just a bromance. He has also recently (in all likelihood) shagged Brother America.

Voiced by Casper Christensen in the animated versions.

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