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"Hi guys! I heard you were having a party!"

Iceland is one of the main charachters in Scandinavia and the World, and is one of the Nordic countries (although he is not a part of Scandinavia, although he is often considered to be by outsiders and has a strong nordic culture. No Invitation).


Iceland is considered to be quite tough, as he enjoys adventure sports and can thrive in much higher and lower temperatures than the rest of the Nordics. He treats demons and lava like his pets and is not afraid of the obvious threats that they pose, much to the horror of Denmark and sometimes Norway. He is also shown to be obsessed with physical fitness and his own apperance, as he goes for a morning run and often looks in the mirror to admire his sparkles.

He is very friendly most of the time, but displays occasional flashes of temper, during which he may go so far as to involve trucks and volcanoes to express his displeasure (Just a game). Aptly described as “a genuinely nice guy who hides a rather disturbing mind”, he is often left out of events or forgotten, due either to his isolation, or his sometimes unorthodox interests.

His traditional food includes fermented, poisonous sharks, sheep testicles, and a sheep's head (Sviðakjammi). This could be considered to add to his eccentric or tough nature, or quite possibly both.

==Physical Apperance==

Iceland is quite vain (although he is fairly pleasant about it in company), and he has been described as "clasically handsome" by Norway and Denmark. He is known for his sparkles, which he is almost always seen with, and for his ski goggles.

He is shown to have white-blonde hair and to be taller and much fitter than the other Nordics, although he is not as strong as America or Scotland.



Iceland has a sister, Sister Iceland, who he has a good relationship with. He considers his sister to be beautiful, although this may also be a reflection on his own vanity.

He once had two children, Vinland and Original Settlers on Greenland, although both are now deceased. He seems to have gotten over his loss, and it is even hinted by Iceland himself that he may have murdered them, though whether he is serious is not currently known.

He is sometimes shown as Norway's baby brother; Norway apparently took care of him starting when he was a baby, but in more recent years, Iceland has put his foot down regarding his financial independence.

===Other Nordic Nations===

Iceland is shown to be slightly disdainful of Finland, often being the only one who is brave enough to stand up to him, although they both happily take part in the Nordic Council.

He was not satisfied with the results of the 2009 Eurovision contest, believing that he should have won instead of Norway, since he claims that his song was more artistic.


*He often gets the brunt of Denmark's and Netherlands' obsession with bicycles.

*He is not a member of the EU, although he sometimes shows an interest in joining

*Iceland's sparkles can be contained in a box. This could mean that his sparkles are not naturally created by his beauty, and are just something he applies on himself

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