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They’re finally here! Finland and Iceland (and Germany)!

The joke behind this is that everybody agrees that Sweden, Norway and Denmark make up Scandinavia, but some say that Finland and Iceland are part of it too. Most people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark doesn’t consider them to be part of Scandinavia though.
No invitation for you!

The Finnish stereotype is a masculine drunk mute with a knife. I had to read up on this because Denmark don’t have a lot to do with Finland, but when I read the description I knew I had to include him sooner or later. :XD:

Icelanders are considered to be more beautiful than other Nordic people. They also see themselves as risk-takers, who love extreme sports, so I gave him some sporty cloth and sunglasses, and little sparkles to emphasise his prettiness. :)

I've read that when Germans go to America they often get yelled at and called Nazis. Most people here are way beyond that because we live right next to them and see them quite often. Instead our German stereotype is a loud guy with really bad hair and cloth, who loves sausages.
My father’s sister married a German, so I did everything in my power not to make the character look like him. :XD:

13th July 2009


14 F
11 days ago #9286728        

The bit on Americans calling Germans nazis is in some cases true, and also EXTREMELY embarrassing.

19 days ago #9281528        

Iceland: I don't sweat I sparkle

23 days ago #9279112        

I always get comments on how "Finland is not Scandinavia! You're Nordic!" and I'm always like "wut" because I don't know the difference


24 days ago #9278648        

You forgot Minnesota, the 6th Nordic Country. You know it to be true.

We willingly eat Lüt(e)fisk for Lief's sake! Though only because grannies pull our ears each Christmas and insist we try it because "it's traditional!"


20 F
3 months ago #9254849        

This is just so adorable~ Finland in particular <3


20 M
3 months ago #9250241        

first comic with funland in it

3 months ago #9247498        

Scania was once called Scandinavia, and then it became the name for the 3 countries

4 months ago #9232304        

Esti cannot into Nordic.

6 months ago #9190401        

Where's Estonia? Estonia best nordic 2014

6 months ago #9189892        

Yes Denmark is included because of history and culture but Skandinavia is named after the mountain chain called Skanderna (in swedish) wich runs in both Sweden and Norway.

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