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They’re finally here! Finland and Iceland (and Germany)!

The joke behind this is that everybody agrees that Sweden, Norway and Denmark make up Scandinavia, but some say that Finland and Iceland are part of it too. Most people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark doesn’t consider them to be part of Scandinavia though.
No invitation for you!

The Finnish stereotype is a masculine drunk mute with a knife. I had to read up on this because Denmark don’t have a lot to do with Finland, but when I read the description I knew I had to include him sooner or later. :XD:

Icelanders are considered to be more beautiful than other Nordic people. They also see themselves as risk-takers, who love extreme sports, so I gave him some sporty cloth and sunglasses, and little sparkles to emphasise his prettiness. :)

I've read that when Germans go to America they often get yelled at and called Nazis. Most people here are way beyond that because we live right next to them and see them quite often. Instead our German stereotype is a loud guy with really bad hair and cloth, who loves sausages.
My father’s sister married a German, so I did everything in my power not to make the character look like him. :XD:

13th July 2009


15 F
1 day ago #9134426      

I feel really American when i say this but I dont think i knew any Nordic stereotypes except drink alot of alcohol before i read these XD. America doesnt seem to care about you Nordics. Hmmmm


12 days ago #9127701      

I almost think I know Germany :-)
A nice guy with messy hair.
In Finland it is said, that while we in Denmark have a Friday-beer or two to celebrate the weekend, the Finish have their Friday-bottle (of vodka)!
I don't know if that is true - but it fits with the stereotype.

21 days ago #9121109      

Hmm, I think a lot of people here in the US consider Germans very scary sausage lovers...

The Nazi thing was more of the 1940s-1960s era...

23 days ago #9119544      

@BlackAmerica: Bull. Shit. I've lived all over the US, from Alaska to Mississippi and many states in between. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

26 days ago #9116716      

Don't drop your sausage Germany

27 days ago #9116209      

People used to call my ex-husband a nazi because his grandma was from germany and he had blond hair and blue eyes. It was super mean. Only d*ckholes do that.

1 month ago #9110556      

in america about 99% of the racist comments made are made by people who live down south

1 month ago #9109489      

I've never heard someone make a nazi comment before. If it does happen, it's probably in those small towns where most of the people that live there are inbred idiots whose families will probably not last the next few generations.

1 month ago #9106392      

Uh... I'm a bit dissappointed at Finland. You could've at least made the flag properly. The blue's supposed to be darker and wider. But yeah, people drink much around here. And Finland doesn't belong to the Scandinavian countries, but to the Nordic countries. It IS part of the Scandinavian Peninsula (well, North-Western Finland is) so that might be what's confusing people. I'm not even sure if we have separate terms for those things in Finland.
But seriously, if Russia hadn't won Finland from Sweden, and Finland was still a part of Sweden, would Finland still count as a part of Scandinavia? Everyone would probably talk Swedish, at least. Bleh.

By the way... Why isn't Finland blonde? Can't have a blonde drunk creep? The countries with most blondes in the world are Sweden and Finland and all the other Nordics are blonde/blondish or at least have light brown hair.

Oh, and I like your Iceland. He's just lovely. <3

1 month ago #9105475      

Finland is sooo too true even down to the hat! xD Here in Sweden they're often seen as alcoholics (but surprisingly fun to actually have a drink with) that lives out on the streets. And yes they often wear hats like that x)

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