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They’re finally here! Finland and Iceland (and Germany)!

The joke behind this is that everybody agrees that Sweden, Norway and Denmark make up Scandinavia, but some say that Finland and Iceland are part of it too. Most people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark doesn’t consider them to be part of Scandinavia though.
No invitation for you!

The Finnish stereotype is a masculine drunk mute with a knife. I had to read up on this because Denmark don’t have a lot to do with Finland, but when I read the description I knew I had to include him sooner or later. :XD:

Icelanders are considered to be more beautiful than other Nordic people. They also see themselves as risk-takers, who love extreme sports, so I gave him some sporty cloth and sunglasses, and little sparkles to emphasise his prettiness. :)

I've read that when Germans go to America they often get yelled at and called Nazis. Most people here are way beyond that because we live right next to them and see them quite often. Instead our German stereotype is a loud guy with really bad hair and cloth, who loves sausages.
My father’s sister married a German, so I did everything in my power not to make the character look like him. :XD:

14th July 2009

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5 days ago #9376444        

I like knives. ¬_¬

29 days ago #9366646        

Lol... As an American growing up in central Texas (with a large German & Czech population), I can honestly say I've never yelled at nor called any German person a Nazi. Idk who would ever do that actually... haha.

2 months ago #9353835        

Wake up man :), this kind of results could not be possible if finland would be alcoholic who lives out on the streets
"THE 2014 LEGATUM PROSPERITY INDEX TABLE RANKINGS (link under). Nordic countrys ranking is ; Norway first, Denmark fourth, Sweden sixth, Finland eighth and Iceland eleventh. There was 142 countrys in this competition.!/ranking

Here is another example, Please, compare results between Sweden and Finland :) (link inder);
"PISA 2012 was the fifth survey of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, testing about 510 000 students around age 15 in 65 countries and economies on mathematics, science and reading. The test had a special focus on mathematics.[1] A subgroup of 44 countries and economies with about 85 000 students also took part in an optional computer-based assessment of problem solving.[2]"

2 months ago #9353828        

As a matter of fact Scandinavian Peninsula covers Norway, Sweden, and also most of northern Finland (link under) :)



22 F
3 months ago #9351756        

germany reminds me of an old hacker i knew like years ago. he hacked into the school's online files and changed the days i was absent from 29 to 3...

3 months ago #9344276        

Hello, here is good video which shows differences between scandinavia and nordic countrys.

3 months ago #9343410        

we call 'em Schnitzels. Also half German on my moms side

4 months ago #9333145        

I love Iceland's sparkles. Also, we do stereotype Germans as Nazis... but to be fair, to English speakers, German sounds really angry and loud.


15 F
5 months ago #9322648        


6 months ago #9304019        

@Ice0tea You're welcome :)

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