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Just a game


Just a game Iceland is a sore loser. :XD:

3rd December 2010

5 days ago #9311987        

@ShylokVakarian Look a bit closer, it's dark blue or Navy Blue

8 days ago #9310546        

Oh Iceland.

19 days ago #9303638        

@YellowDane Unless the fourth fret is black outside of America, it's wrong.

1 month ago #9291037        

@ShylokVakarian it isn't off at all

2 months ago #9287146        

That fourth fret's color is off. It should be blue.


It just takes practice. :3


246 F

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3 months ago #9269246        

Sparkly Iceland is to me the scariest guy when he's angry o_O Even more than Finland and his "perkele"

3 months ago #9268644        

To be honest, if I lived near a volcano I would probably end up doing this XD

9 months ago #9153298        

Don't worry, Iceland, that game is a real tricky motherfucker, especially in expert mode.

9 months ago #9150553        

He was probably playing Through the Fire and Flames.

11 months ago #9106346        

SHUT!!! UP!!! AND!!!!!!! LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

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