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Just a game

Just a game Iceland is a sore loser. :XD:

4th December 2010

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20 M
9 days ago #9388401        

@Kolbeinnvorms I'd like to know aswell. :/

10 days ago #9387930        

Much better than just throwing it in a bin. Cheaper too

18 days ago #9383743        

It must be fun to throw things down a volcano.

20 days ago #9382399        

What youtube video is this? The video is unavailable.



576 M
1 month ago #9373532        

Kill it with fire! No wait, kill it with lava! Must be a pretty awesome way to destroy something. Still no reason to destroy someone else's property though.


15 F
2 months ago #9367559        

Me when I found out my jeans didn't have pockets.

3 months ago #9354590        

Whoa, Iceland sure does need some Anger Management.


23 F
4 months ago #9344853        

Oh.Why did ya do that ?

5 months ago #9329518        

Uh oh


15 O
5 months ago #9328367        

That was me when I tried to play the flute once. I would throw that thing into the pits of hell if I could.

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