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The Clock is Ticking


The Clock is Ticking

Not so long ago I heard someone on TV say, “EU is all hot a bothered for Norway” :XD:

Norway doesn’t want to share it’s oil-money and be dictated by EU, and for a long time Iceland stood by their side. But because of Iceland’s bad economy, they have applied for EU membership.
That worries the Norwegians who is starting to feel pressured into joining. And to make things worse they haven’t found any new oil recourses in a long time now, so they worry they may have run out.

I almost added Denmark at the end going, “Don’t worry Norway. He’s gooood” :XD:

9th November 2010

9 hours ago #9140652      

dont do it!


23 M
16 days ago #9129435      

Why on earth does everybody think that EU membership means free oil to the other member states? And everybody simply states "No EU", but Do you really have weighted the pros and cons?

17 days ago #9129279      

I would never vote yes to EU!!!!

20 days ago #9127539      

I don't want to join the EU :/

1 month ago #9118743      

Norge don't ever join EU! All he wants is your oil!

1 month ago #9114650      

Don't do it!!!!


24 M
1 month ago #9109827      

We have alot of future oil fields! We don't need the EU, all we need is the permission from the goverment to drill in the Lofoten fjord.

1 month ago #9109178      


2 months ago #9098984      

I was just about to suggest that King EU trying to score with Norway should be a running SATW gag (* >ω<).。o♡ But a while ago l discovered that it already is!! YAY!! OH BTW I totally lost it with the last pannel Σ (੭ु ຶਊ ຶ)੭ु⁾⁾ I'm so attracted to King EU right now. He's such a sadist! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

3 months ago #9072915      

Iceland joining the EU has been frozen and deferred to referendum which will probably reject EU membership. Each time Norway has a referendum on the EU, they reject EU membership.

Iceland is a candidate, but Norway isn't even that or anything with neither a pending application or even acknowledgement of the potential of being a future candidate or even of having a future application possible.

It all depends on wether pro Europeanists or Eurosceptics will win Iceland's elections.

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