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The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking

Not so long ago I heard someone on TV say, “EU is all hot a bothered for Norway” :XD:

Norway doesn’t want to share it’s oil-money and be dictated by EU, and for a long time Iceland stood by their side. But because of Iceland’s bad economy, they have applied for EU membership.
That worries the Norwegians who is starting to feel pressured into joining. And to make things worse they haven’t found any new oil recourses in a long time now, so they worry they may have run out.

I almost added Denmark at the end going, “Don’t worry Norway. He’s gooood” :XD:

9th November 2010
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21 M
11 days ago #9328102        

Poor Norway haha


15 F
2 months ago #9301329        

I had the same reaction as Norway to King EU.

2 months ago #9298570        

The last panel... I woke up half the neighbourhood *giggles maniacally*

2 months ago #9296687        

King EU is ready for some ANAL...

3 months ago #9278231        

I don't wanna ruin everyone's illusions (and I don't know if it has been mentioned before) but from what I learned, Norway is in the EEA (European Economic Area), which basically means that in order to be in a better trading position within Europe they have to (and actually do it in many cases) implement EU laws in their own - however without the advantage of being able to actually decide on those EU laws, since that is only possible for member states. All they can do is lobbying.

5 months ago #9259091        

Why didn't you add that?


53 F
8 months ago #9201052        

Samfylkingin believes that EU is the promised Land.
But others just wanted to open the package and see what is in it.
EU does not want us to see what is in the package at all. EVER.
We still want to know, but they won´t let us....

8 months ago #9182154        

King Europe is ready for LOVE!


18 F
8 months ago #9181291        

@O197 That just might work I mean they have to get the volcano some how and your not a real villian with out one.

10 months ago #9150563        

we will always stand tall,
never give up.
all for Norway.
forever believe to the mountain is falling.
we will break free from every prison
and be with the ones we love.
we will not manipulate.
Norway will be free.

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