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Norway is one of the main characters in the comics and definitely the richest of them all. He is a calm, caring and nature loving fellow, often seen with a fish either in his hands, on his head or on a plate with salty potatoes. Denmark and Sweden are his two best friends, despite the fact that they suppressed him for decades. He seems to have very a close friendship with Denmark. He also has the ability to speak with animals, which is pretty handy when you live so close to nature.

Svalbard, one of the three badasses, is Norway's twin brother. Svalbard's polar bears are the only animals Norway has failed to befriend, which makes him pretty depressed. He has more than once tried to tame the wild beasts, which often upsets Drama Bear. Norway is also related to Jan Mayen, but we don't speak about the dark side.

The wealth Norway has gained through oil has made him a little snobby, but suddenly having a lot of money often does that to you. The oil and the fish is the reason he is one of the few European countries that stands up against King Europe, which is why King Europe is all crazy about him. But Norway is determined to live independently, at least while he has the support and money.

Norway cares a lot about Denmark. He often has to deal with the things Denmark finds scary (which is more or less everything). He has gotten used to Denmark being clingy. He has also gotten used to the arguing between Sweden and Denmark. He sort of stands a few feet away, eats some fish and makes sure no one gets hurt. Norway rarely gets involved in the disputes, which makes him a pretty good at arbitrating between countries (much unlike America).

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