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Drama Bear Returns

Northern Lights Poster

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Drama Bear Returns

Remember Drama Bear?
It will keep causing drama for as long as it lives.

Sorry about all the one panel comics. I'm not feeling well and have a lot to do, so you'll have to put up with a few week more. Sorry again.

7th September 2012

1 day ago #9329256        

Aww poor bear

4 days ago #9327939        

its always snow on our sweaters

8 months ago #9194730        


"Not to barge in on the conversation, but while I was at a butchery the guy told me about bear meat."

I don't know how this is barging in at all. The other conversation had ended.

But yeah, that makes a LOT of sense.

8 months ago #9190964        

@FrankHarr Not to barge in on the conversation, but while I was at a butchery the guy told me about bear meat. He said he was soaked in fat, and there was 6-7 inches of fat on top of the back.

12 months ago #9114635        


"I see. Well, I cant blame the bear for being angry."

Me, neither.

12 months ago #9110736        

I see. Well, I cant blame the bear for being angry.

12 months ago #9109121        


I'm down with all of that. There's no way to know any more. All we can be certain about is the Lewis and Clark and their men reported that the bear was hard to bring down and ANGRY.

12 months ago #9106777        

Realy? Did the bullets realy hit a vital spots? I know bears are tough, and if you didnt get the first bullet right, you would need a lot of luck to make the second one deadly. Above a hundred kilos of anraged unpredictable muscle rushing towards you is not an easy mark, even if your shaking hands dont loose the grip of the gun. I hear the heart is difficult to hit, since it is small compared to the rest of the body.

12 months ago #9105583        


Somewhere in Lewis and Clark's journals they talk about trying to kill a grizzly. It took them almost forever.

1 year ago #9100685        

Haha. It appears that Scandinavians have mixed views on bears. Norway doesn't seem to be bothered by them, Sweden probably likes them, Denmark is terrified of them and Iceland has generally angry at them.

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