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King Europe

"I'm an intellectual who speaks more than 20 languages, my food is excellent, my art is deep, I'm a great lover who is sexy without being vulgar, I rule my kingdom with peace, and I ride a mean scooter."

King Europe is the described leader of all of the European nations. Depending on the context of the comic, King Europe has been used to both represent the EU and the full geographical continent itself.

First introduced in the eponymous comic, "King Europe", King Europe is a cultured man who is clearly proud of his accomplishments and history, but doesn't always find things going his way during modern times (especially when dealing with America). As the leader of all European countries (through his representation of the continent), his main activities revolve around dealing out regulations ("Border Control", "Volcano"), settling disputes ("Making a good impression", "Cold but heating up"), observing their cultures ("Exotic Food"), delivering their greater collective opinion, and hosting Eurovision. He can often be bossy and inconsiderate of his people's feelings, but ultimately seems to care about them and be efficient enough in his duties.

As a representation of the EU, a running gag with King Europe is his desperate desire to have Norway join his union, frequently finding ways to pester him about it, and gleefully regarding Norway's oil crisis as a sign that the Nordic country will soon join him. humon describes him as being "all hot and bothered" for Norway to join (Europe frequently acting aggressively flirtatious in his pestering), whereas Norway avoids membership to avoid having to share his money and have further dictations put upon him by Europe.

King Europe's female counterpart is Queen Europe. At one point he tried to accuse her of being a witch, only for the Vatican to turn on him, claiming that "only heathens believe in witches." The Vatican and the all mighty Norway is the only two other entities that has been shown to (at least at one point) have higher ranking and authority over King Europe.

In one appearance, he wears a beret instead of his usual crown, somewhat resembling Brother France, although this does not impact the story

On three separate occasions, King Europe abandoned his flag became an archaeologist

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