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Make a good impression

Make a good impression

The main reason why Åland isn’t too fond of Finland.

First off, mämmi looks like this and is a special Easter dish in Finland.

A myth goes that when Sweden and Finland were fighting over Åland (the Ålanders wanted to be part of Sweden, and weren’t satisfied with Finland offering them autonomous status) and they asked the League of Nations (It doesn't exist anymore, which is why I put King Europe in the comic instead) for help, it happened around Easter. The emissaries went to Finland for a meeting, and the Finns served them the traditional mämmi to make a good impression. When the emissaries saw what was on their plates they said, “If this is what they eat, they should at least have Åland” :XD:

The real reason was that a number of small islands are between Åland and Finland, and if you sail to Åland from Finland, you can at all times see land. That wasn’t the case with Sweden.

Oh, and Norway isn’t part of EU, which is why King Europe is bugging him. :D

10th October 2010

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4 days ago #9376847        

No hard feelings Russia. You're okay, just bring vodka.

1 month ago #9364704        

@atreju Yeah, I get that. Our history hasn't always been completely objective either.

So, no brainwashing. Although Russia did have an influence on Finnish nationalism: first by encouraging it in case of Sweden's revenge and then by some failed russofication. It must also be noted that there's a civil war going on during this comic. Soviet Union was supporting the socialist Reds who lost the war so Åland could be referring to that as well.


32 M
1 month ago #9364687        

Right, I don't remember brainwashing anyone. We just basically know we took Finland from Sweden, and then it went independent when Russia was in disarray. No hard feelings about that.
Then there is some bitterness about our losses in the Winter War (plus people didn't really feel that war was right, ulike when we fought the Nazis), and that is all.
I just know national historic memories tend to forget some uncomfortable events, so I asked.

1 month ago #9364516        

@atreju #9361959 The comic strip takes place a little after Finland got independent from Russia. During the 1800s Finland and Sweden grew apart from one another (Finland used to be an integrated part of Sweden before 1809). That process was beneficial to Russia and so it was aided by eg. moving the capital from Turku to Helsinki which is further away from Stockholm and closer to Moscow. Mostly Finland's new attitude towards Sweden is because of the nationalist movement in the 1800s (eg. the issue about which language should be official in Finland caused some tensions) which had little to do with Russia. Åland is definitely exaggerating when he's talking about "brainwashing".



32 M
1 month ago #9361959        

What´s the deal with Russia, sorry?

3 months ago #9340679        

I'd eat that.

3 months ago #9340236        

I feel like murdering King Europe now...


21 M
4 months ago #9328088        

Shoulda just offered a burger lol


16 F


16 M
6 months ago #9312562        

more Finns eat karelian pies than mämmi. I for one can't stand mämmi, but the pies are frigging delicious when eaten fresh from the oven and with some eggbutter (basically hard boiled eggs chopped to little pieces and mixed with butter)

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