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Make a good impression

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Make a good impression

The main reason why Åland isn’t too fond of Finland.

First off, mämmi looks like this and is a special Easter dish in Finland.

A myth goes that when Sweden and Finland were fighting over Åland (the Ålanders wanted to be part of Sweden, and weren’t satisfied with Finland offering them autonomous status) and they asked the League of Nations (It doesn't exist anymore, which is why I put King Europe in the comic instead) for help, it happened around Easter. The emissaries went to Finland for a meeting, and the Finns served them the traditional mämmi to make a good impression. When the emissaries saw what was on their plates they said, “If this is what they eat, they should at least have Åland” :XD:

The real reason was that a number of small islands are between Åland and Finland, and if you sail to Åland from Finland, you can at all times see land. That wasn’t the case with Sweden.

Oh, and Norway isn’t part of EU, which is why King Europe is bugging him. :D

9th October 2010

2 days ago #9292300        

I don't know why Finland would get Åland to cook, you do NOT want to eat ålandspannkaka, I repeat, you do NOT want to eat ålandspannkaka

16 days ago #9283671        

Pissed off Norway is pissed off

1 month ago #9271537        

You should know, that most people support independent Åland! The problem though is, that these "most people" are Finns in Finland. In Ahvenanmaa (original name befor Swedes killed all the natives) the local people never want apart from Finland, because of loads of money they get free.

1 month ago #9270114        

Snap the stick Norway!


19 F
2 months ago #9267270        

Mämmi isnt that bad... you just need a lot of sugar and vanilla, then it's good :)


25 M
2 months ago #9259558        

Norway should take that stick and shove it up King EU's arse.

3 months ago #9245551        

Aaaand Norway explodes in 5 4 3 2…

6 months ago #9178375        



33 F
8 months ago #9145867        

I'd try mämmi!

8 months ago #9130477        

yepp...Finn food is good good

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