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King Europe


King Europe

Because Europe is America's biggest bitch. :XD:

Seriously, I've asked around, and quite a few europeans feel this way about America.

2nd August 2009

17 days ago #9304239        

I am so sorry to be part of america. :(


22 M
18 days ago #9303961        

Sure looks like it... Norway, huh?


15 F
19 days ago #9303472        

Is Norway drinking from the inside of his fish? (1st panel)

21 days ago #9301414        

Meh. Orkar inte bry mig.

2 months ago #9285765        

@KofudDane I see why you think that of us, i'm European myself, but when I moved from Iceland to America, people were quite nice. In fact: Americans help tons of countries in government, military, and protection in return for the goods and services we get. So, yeah. Basically we're more give than receive.


2 months ago #9278650        

If you punks would just respect the monroe doctrine, we wouldn't have to get rough.

2 months ago #9276229        

Leave us alone, America!>:(


27 M
3 months ago #9267277        

@KingNolan Sad, but true.

3 months ago #9263110        

Not a day goes by where i don't lament the fact that many fellow Americans would be proud of this.

3 months ago #9260791        

MarcusZMonkey - Take away the US and England wouldn't even exist still, at least as a sovereign nation. The supplies from the US are what allowed GB to hold on long enough to turn the tide.

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