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King Europe

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King Europe

Because Europe is America's biggest bitch. :XD:

Seriously, I've asked around, and quite a few europeans feel this way about America.

2nd August 2009

14 days ago #9285765        

@KofudDane I see why you think that of us, i'm European myself, but when I moved from Iceland to America, people were quite nice. In fact: Americans help tons of countries in government, military, and protection in return for the goods and services we get. So, yeah. Basically we're more give than receive.


25 days ago #9278650        

If you punks would just respect the monroe doctrine, we wouldn't have to get rough.

29 days ago #9276229        

Leave us alone, America!>:(


27 M
2 months ago #9267277        

@KingNolan Sad, but true.

2 months ago #9263110        

Not a day goes by where i don't lament the fact that many fellow Americans would be proud of this.

2 months ago #9260791        

MarcusZMonkey - Take away the US and England wouldn't even exist still, at least as a sovereign nation. The supplies from the US are what allowed GB to hold on long enough to turn the tide.


16 M
4 months ago #9235666        

Mean scooter? :'D

5 months ago #9205987        

For some reason King Europe reminds me of King Julian from Madagascar. XD Like the European Union he's silly and yet powerful enough for people to listen (without any clear explanation) :D

6 months ago #9185889        

Oh that is far less accurate then I would think the US/EU relationship is.

7 months ago #9164325        


Thank you for your comment, it's very much appreciated. I don't harbour any grudge against anyone (or states, for that matter). I just don't agree with some decisions, including those of my own government.

Let's just say that I advocate an anti-militaristic stance, but I also realize that sometimes, this could be naive. In the worst case, I'm dead wrong, military action is necessary and I'm still bumbling about diplomacy.

All in all, I'm a secretary who has some knowledge about history. I'm not a politician, so a lot of things are beyond my grasp. I am also a social creature who has met a few Americans in her day. My verdict: People are people. Some are saints, some are douchebags. The only thing they had in common was an affinity for chitchat and an incredible good ear for accents.

So indeed, you are right: The USA have never gone overboard. But from what I know about your government structure, there are various failsaves in place

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