Exotic Food

Exotic Food

A little joke on what the food in the different Nordic countries is like.

The Swedes are said to mix weird things. I once tasted smörgåstårta and it isn’t half bad. It just looks and sounds disgusting when it’s put in front of you. It’s not a real cake, but more like a sandwich that have been turned inside out and dolled up to look like a cake.

The Norwegians are said to make really boring and plain food, without many spices or accompaniments. That have of course changed now, but most of the old traditional food is still rather plain.

Danish food is said to be well tasting but extremely fattening, or sweet. Sometimes both. However, unlike fast food it will satisfy your hunger.

Icelandic traditional food is just plain weird. :XD:

Finland is mainly known for their many different kinds of bread. I just thought it would be fun to have King Europe still refusing to taste mämmi. :D

15th November 2010
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6 days ago #9330004        

HAHAHA, we actually eat lamb head in Norway too. Would say people in Norway eat everything, we eat lamb, cow, chicken, duck, pig, deer, reindeer, moose, whale, salmon (mostly smoked), lutefisk, cod, crab, crawfish, mussels, oyster, shrimp, porridge (most in christmas), etc...

8 days ago #9329523        

I like Norways


21 M
11 days ago #9328106        

MURIKA! -overweight eagle falls out of the sky with a wimpery screech-

16 days ago #9326082        

It doesn't surprise me that America already tried Risalamande

18 days ago #9325237        

Risalamande is really good, even though I had no idea that it was Dansih :/ And I thought it was called Ris à la Malta.

21 days ago #9323932        

We have smörgåstårta in Finland but it's called voileipäkakku. It's mostly considered party food. I like it a lot. Mämmi is for easter only and it's ok when you put enough vanilla or cream on it.

1 month ago #9317180        

I love how pleased America is with himself. Like a child declaring that he cleaned his plate.

2 months ago #9310594        

Blood pancake


23 F
2 months ago #9308396        

hahaha! Well sheep balls are different than human ones sooo... and usually only eaten in a traditional feast called "Þorrablót" which is held around January/February. In that feast is also rotten shark and more silly weird stuff we don't eat any other time. I really don't eat it at all. But sheep head is eaten all year but is traditional in "Þorrablót" feast as well. But we do have other delicacies that are yummy and eaten all year around like salted meat or meat soup... and more!!!


15 F
2 months ago #9301332        

1. Iceland. You don't feed balls to a man. That's almost like, cannibalism.
2. America. It's rude to ask someone for something in that manner. You need to say, "I finished off my share, may I please have some more?"

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