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Border Control

Border Control

Made this comic last year for Comic Party which is why you get two comics about German/Danish relations in a row.

Anyway, when Denmark briefly got a bit of it's border control back last year (stopped 1 in 100 cars or something like that) the Germans didn't just complain that it was against European agreements, but also took it as a very personal attack on them, probably because Germany is the only country connected to Denmark by land. :XD:

17th May 2012

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15 F
23 days ago #9367063        

I can just imagining German saying "I love you baby" to Denmark through that window.
Denmark's initial reaction to German was my reaction to some guy saying I love you baby via SoundCloud's private message...


26 M
1 month ago #9361832        

Its like Germany creeps into Denmark's house every night...

3 months ago #9349567        

Oh, wow, this is absolutely hilarious. Didn't think that the Germans wouldn't see sense.

4 months ago #9334331        

omg wat



21 M

Online Now
4 months ago #9325933        

Who says borders only exist on land?. They're not all passing through Germany.


20 M
4 months ago #9325908        

@EricTheRedAndWhite You guys only have one border to watch!


21 M

Online Now
5 months ago #9312941        

Our border control has become a laughing stock. Several deported criminals keep coming back. -.-"


15 F
6 months ago #9302607        

Germany is so needy.

8 months ago #9274794        

Ok, the last Panel is funny as heck! XD

1 year ago #9113965        

God dammit Denmark you made me and Germany cry *sobbs*

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