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Border Control


Border Control

Made this comic last year for Comic Party which is why you get two comics about German/Danish relations in a row.

Anyway, when Denmark briefly got a bit of it's border control back last year (stopped 1 in 100 cars or something like that) the Germans didn't just complain that it was against European agreements, but also took it as a very personal attack on them, probably because Germany is the only country connected to Denmark by land. :XD:

17th May 2012

8 days ago #9312941        

Our border control has become a laughing stock. Several deported criminals keep coming back. -.-"


15 F
26 days ago #9302607        

Germany is so needy.

2 months ago #9274794        

Ok, the last Panel is funny as heck! XD

11 months ago #9113965        

God dammit Denmark you made me and Germany cry *sobbs*

1 year ago #9045089        

well... is hard to trust an ex-nazi..... *beeing kild in 3...2...1...*

1 year ago #9042080        

Poor Germany


20 M
1 year ago #9027580        

@BikingDutchman Because we at the time, had very big problems with robberies & burglaries being committed by people from East Europe. We simply didn't know what to do, other than that :) ..

1 year ago #9021552        

@Bikingdutchman: Drugs mainly get into the country via Germany or by sea. The ports are already checked, but the German border is pretty open. Checking cars reduces the amount of drugs entering the country.
At the same time, stolen goods are often sent via van or truck to eastern European countries. As these vehicles aren't amphibious, they have to go via Germany. Checking these cars helps catching a lot of thieves, and recovers stolen goods.
In both cases, the Germans themselves aren't considered the problem. It's just that all cars have to go through it to reach the rest of Europe, and vice versa.

1 year ago #8970044        

@McLupus Ah. That makes some more sense. I am only used to Schengen, so I haven't really experienced that. But that they are scared of Germany nowadays seems odd to me. What is the disadvantage of free inter-Danish-German traffic? The quick invasion was of course quite the shock, but it's not as if we, a neutral country invaded, are still scared of German invasions because of that. What is the incentive, nowadays, to take that action? Also, if Denmark agreed upon the Schengen Area when it was formed, why are they backing away now? The invasion is even longer ago now than it was then, so your argument doesn't really hold water for me. But that's my opinion. I can't force the Danes to do what I consider logical and making sense, but that in the same manner I have freedom of speech to declare it, from my point of view at the moment, illogical. And I use that freedom as again to ask why it would.


37 M
1 year ago #8969778        

@BikingDutchman; Maybe because Denmark was invaded by night by Germany during WW2...

The Danes went to bed, without any Germans within their borders, and woke up with Germans EVERYWHERE!!!

I don't think you really understand how it works, with custom searches... ;-)
You don't check them in the mittle of the road, and let everyone behind wait; you pull them aside and let the rest drive trou... ;-) :-P

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