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Better late than never

Better late than never

A lot of Europeans have asked if I would do a comic about how some Americans act like they personally ended WWII, and the irony of "Do you speak German? No? You're welcome!" of course being that a lot of countries outside of Germany are taught German in school. Not because of WWII, but because Germany is a big and important country so it helps to understand the language. Even I who can only speak very little German understand quite a bit of it, and I don't even know why. :XD:

Next after Sweden and Norway, Germany is Denmark's best friend, especially in the tourist season. They have always had a bit of a "I hate to love you" relationship ranging from Denmark still imitating Germany when they were at war, to Germany still wanting to go to Denmark even after it felt betrayed when Denmark briefly got it's border control back.

Even during WWII Nazi Germany treated Denmark nicely (Well, as nicely as Nazi Germany could treat anyone) and made it possible for Denmark to ship 99% of it's Jews to Sweden before Denmark got invaded and then made an agreement with Nazi Germany that the remaining Danish Jews weren't allowed to get killed and not be sent to the really bad concentration camps. Danish Jews became quite popular in the camps they went to because the guards would usually steal the food that was sent to people in the camps, but only stole cigarettes and candy from the Danish Jews thanks to the agreement, so they had something to share with people.

And that is the long answer as to why Denmark don't want America to beat Germany up. The short answer being "because he wants Germany to visit his beaches" :XD:

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28th April 2012
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5 years ago #9615003        

(Each time France tried colonizing Louisiana on their own, they failed miserably. Then they asked Germany for a bit of help, and then that attempt worked because the Germans sent there successfully set up farms. So, thank you Germany, for helping Louisiana exist.)

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4 years ago #9755652        

Yup.. Both of My parents told me that they got german lesson in senior highschool probably in the 70's, and i still asking why? :D they told me "achtung" meaning when i watched world cup 2006 football on tv.. I think we still have german lesson in some schools here but it's not mandatory like it used to be.. image

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4 years ago #9757501        

"*sigh* Do you deliberately ignore all the others who helped you, or did you honestly forget?"

One generation "deliberately ignores"; fails to teach accurate versions of history to the next generation, who then has "forgotten" the important details they were never taught in the first place. :(

5 years ago #9595205        

Heheh... Sorry. Americans are for the most part very ignorant and ride a high horse thinking they keep peace and are the best. I grew up like that, but late into primary school I began to grasp an interest in world history. I speak two languages at home and I can speak very basic German, enough to tour around Germany on my own, but not enough for a full on conversation. I also plan to learn French in college (I want to become a translator who travels around Europe and Asia). Anyways, I adore Germany and any Germanic country out there. (A lot of Americans don't know that English derived from German dialect)

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5 years ago #9592692        

In this series, Germany just keeps finding himself in the most unfortunate of situations

6 years ago #9471100        

America would be valid in saying that, but we did only enter the war when we got attacked. I can see both sides of ths.

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7 years ago #9419753        

Could you maybe do a comic where Iceland, Greenland and The Faroe Islands talk to Denmark about them learning Danish in school?

2 years ago #9837423        

Germany is actually Americans third or fourth favorite foreign country

this is from 2011 and sometimes Germany is 3rd or 4th on poll shows it being 5th, but it still always high up

not to mention German is the highest ancestry in the US at 17% of the whole population
even during both World Wars, it was the majority and Dwight D. Eisenhower was of German descent
and FDR knew some German

and the US used to have a holiday called "German Day" to celebrate German-American heritage and the founding of Germantown but it was canceled during Great War and didn't get reinstated until the 1980s under Ronald Regan. and renamed German-American Day

fun fact Germans were the first colonists to protest slavery in the American colonies

we also have Baron von Steuben who help whip the continental army into shape and wrote the Blue Book which many of its rules are still being used today

also there is German-American Friendship garden

also during WWII near the end German Wehrmacht soldiers and American soldiers fought the Waffen SS to protect a medieval castle in Austria to save French prisoners, they won

Sabaton wrote a cool song about it and everything The Last Battle Sabaton

also some Americans do speak German, though this is a small minority and it is taught in school
9 states are listed as a German being spoken at home

the random fact did you know the Brooklyn Bridge was designed and built by a German immigrant? John A Roebling

also, Prussia was 10th country to recognized the US as an independent nation and Hamburg was the 11th

oh and the capital of North Dakota is, waits for it, Bismark and yes it was named after Otto Von Bismark the only state to name its capital after a foreign leader

German-Americans were the largest ethnic contingent to fight for the Union in the American Civil War. More than 200,000 native-born Germans, along with another 250,000 first-generation German-Americans, served in the Union Army,

German American ins the American Civil War


3 years ago #9814714        

dont you dare hit my boi.

5 years ago #9609300        

leave that poor bby alone!! hes precious!

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