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The Wonder of Glasses

The Wonder of Glasses

There’s no cleaver (or not so clever) joke about countries in this comic. It’s just Sweden, Denmark and Norway hanging out. :)

19th November 2009
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24 F
2 months ago #9309389        

I had to Google what Wheel-shaped crisp bread was... never heard that translation before, only flat bread..


22 F
4 months ago #9273164        

@MizzNina jeg husker det!

6 months ago #9228489        

Love Norway's part in the end. haha

8 months ago #9203373        

The Truth is this: All Swedish moose are trained from birth to hate everything Danish. When they get old enough, the Swedes sends them across Kattegat to wreak havoc.


25 F
9 months ago #9161230        

I can't be the only one thinking of Myggan/Myggen when I see these comics can I?

Does anybody else remember that kids show?


26 M

Online Now
9 months ago #9157688        

I wonder what Sweden would look like with contacts?

@Winekita I used to wear glasses but then my eyesight got better and I don't need them. I still remember people taking my glasses as the most annoying thing ever!!!!! EVER!!!!


21 M
10 months ago #9139588        

This is pretty much what happened when my friend stole my glasses....

11 months ago #9126861        

me want more comedy like this :D just like family guy!


22 M
11 months ago #9123056        

Ahahahahahaha :'D

1 year ago #9099007        

OMG Denmark you precious stupid baby you (*´▽`*)

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