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The Wonder of Glasses


The Wonder of Glasses

There’s no cleaver (or not so clever) joke about countries in this comic. It’s just Sweden, Denmark and Norway hanging out. :)

19th November 2009


21 M
1 day ago #9139588      

This is pretty much what happened when my friend stole my glasses....

21 days ago #9126861      

me want more comedy like this :D just like family guy!


22 M
26 days ago #9123056      

Ahahahahahaha :'D

2 months ago #9099007      

OMG Denmark you precious stupid baby you (*´▽`*)

2 months ago #9095060      

Dat fish popcorn

3 months ago #9073330      

but i like wheel-shaped crisp bread.

3 months ago #9060415      

"Train giant evil moose to invade Denmark by sea!" Lmfao!!!

4 months ago #9053748      

Sweden`s face! XD Get`s me everytime! :D

4 months ago #9051784      

really funny

4 months ago #9044185      

@PinkimenaDianePi Hehe, popfish~ Darling, that's awesome!

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