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The Badasses


The Badasses

The three SatW characters people usually refer to as the badasses. :D

In front, Svalbard, Norway’s twin brother. The tough one who lives in the unforgiving and frozen wilderness alone. He’s not a violent or angry person, but you can be damn sure he will be the last one standing.

On the left, Finland. The quiet one who takes no shit from anyone (Except Sister Sweden, but for reasons all his own ;) ). You can never be quite sure of what is going on in his head, and if you are not within stabbing distance, he will snipe you from across the city.

On the right, Åland. The love struck one who will make your life a living hell if you get in the way of his happiness. If you get on his bad side, he won’t care if you surrender...

8th December 2010


18 F
1 month ago #9115586      

Where's Denmark? D:

2 months ago #9100355      

Where is greenland??? we're badass too......

2 months ago #9095787      

Svalbard...I would do him.

Then again, I'm Dutch (Canadian!) %)

2 months ago #9084562      

Bah, the only way Svalbard has to deal with polar bears is shoot them.

In Canada you get sent out at five to make friends with one. If fail you have to go live in shame in the US and if you die your whole family is kicked out of the country for not being Canadian enough!

Then when Canada goes to war each person becomes their own platoon. Just then and their bear because that's they need. A Canadian going to war!


4 months ago #9035561      

Anland is the best.... he has humor and love


14 M
4 months ago #9033998      

@DanishSalmon, it could be a her... But maybe he/she is hiding a nuclear warhead... Or maybe( JUST MAYBE), to hide the beauty...

4 months ago #9033730      

@Iknowall i wonder what north korea is hiding under his flag..


14 M
4 months ago #9033619      

@DanishSalmon , I know... Try to beat up South Korea! Though Russia and China would try to physically restrain North Korea, with America and Japan restraining South Korea.

4 months ago #9033556      

@iknowall @Nance i do imagine, what would north korea do?


14 M
4 months ago #9033137      

@DanishSalmon, @Nance, Anyone imaging a complete blood bath of all the countries in the SATW comics? Cause I can... And 'The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny' is playing in the background.

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