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The Badasses

The Badasses

The three SatW characters people usually refer to as the badasses. :D

In front, Svalbard, Norway’s twin brother. The tough one who lives in the unforgiving and frozen wilderness alone. He’s not a violent or angry person, but you can be damn sure he will be the last one standing.

On the left, Finland. The quiet one who takes no shit from anyone (Except Sister Sweden, but for reasons all his own ;) ). You can never be quite sure of what is going on in his head, and if you are not within stabbing distance, he will snipe you from across the city.

On the right, Åland. The love struck one who will make your life a living hell if you get in the way of his happiness. If you get on his bad side, he won’t care if you surrender...

8th December 2010

Tagged in Finland Svalbard Aland

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15 F
22 days ago #9367551        

Denmark is badass in my opinion

3 months ago #9344650        

But what about Iceland? D:

4 months ago #9329516        

Svalbard is soooooo adorable


48 M
6 months ago #9300104        

@Netherlands Thank you for that reminder. I forgot. :(


6 months ago #9299273        

@KOakaKO he wont see it, unless you put @ infront of his name.

7 months ago #9287585        

@ShyvolkVakarian ACTUALLY, I was answering a question asked by @Tunturikoivu, so keep your eyes open and you're mouth shut.

7 months ago #9287152        


The US is the idiotic badass of the world. No one likes to talk about them. Same reason you don't want to talk about that one guy in your MMO party named "Leeroy Jenkins".

7 months ago #9285802        

@Tunturikoivu What about the US, Australia, or Canada (despite being adopted)? Technically, New Zealand is too, but she's actually the family pet.

7 months ago #9281576        

Is Norway the only character that has two siblings?


48 M
7 months ago #9279818        

Calguy, that just isn't possible. She'd have to create 50 different characters for the current U.S. states... and then consider how to create 500 more characters for the Native Americans from the U.S.

That would be REALLY hard to do...

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