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Brother Germany is a normal-looking man with messed-up brown hair and a mustache. He shares this feature with Sister Germany, but she has huge breasts that make-up for this appearance. She weares her brown hair in an updo. Sister Germany is not seen very often but has a strong female pride that should be feared by macho and everyone standing in her way.

Brother Germany lives in constant fear of being accused for the actions of Nazi Germany. Therefore he is very insecure and tries to be everybody’s darling to prevent the other countries from getting angry at him. However it is shown that he can be serious as well, as shown in one comic where he criticizes Sister America's car.
He is so extremely anti-patriotic that he even frowns at the sight of his own flag-t-shirt and any reference to Nazi-Germany.

Even though he carries around a sausage all the time, he is not openly into homosexuality but due to his submissive character he often gets harassed by Denmark and The Netherlands, most of the time to arouse Fan Girl Sister Japan, whom he happens to have feelings for.

He often visits Denmark's beaches to dig some holes and also shares his love of alcohol with its northern neighbor, especially for beer. Another reason why Denmark visits him so often.

Living in Central Europe, is neighbors are Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech and Poland

His relations to his antecedents Prussia and Nazi-Germany are very troubled. Seeing dogs making Nazi salutes may result in a BSOD.

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