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Nazi Germany

"Diiiiiiid someone say my name?"

Nazi Germany was the state of Germany from 1933 until 1945. He is characterized by having hair similar to Adolf Hitler's, dark eyelids and eyebrows that are placed in the center of his forehead. He wears a red long sleeved shirt with a swastika on it. He and Germany are two separate entities, since Nazi Germany and present day Germany have nothing in common. The precise nature of their relationship remains unknown, however, Germany often feels the need to atone for Nazi Germany's actions.

Nazi Germany is a cruel man that terrifies most of Europe, especially Denmark, but he is also portrayed as being so delightfully evil that it's comedic. He is almost always smiling evilly, except when he decides to beat Poland or defend his wealth. Beating up Poland is an activity he will team up with his frenemy Russia to do, and is one of his favorite hobbies.

Nazi Germany has a fondness for Denmark, and states that his golden hair is 'to die for'. Nazi Germany had taken over Denmark on the 9th of April 1940, because Denmark was terrified of Nazi Germany after the way Nazi Germany had treated Poland. He is also not comfortable with being with women who aren't considered Aryan, and wanted Denmark to make him a sex doll resembling Sister Sweden before he left to take over Russia.

Nazi Germany has a large chunk of gold and art from when the Nazis invaded Europe and stole most artifacts, and he eagerly anticipates World War III, as shown when North Korea and South Korea had tensions rising.

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