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North Korea

North Korea

North Korea, fully the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, used to be a presumed female Asian character introduced in "World in trouble" (up until "Dear Sister") where the Koreas were having a stare-off and a little fight, worrying the others.

Not much is known about North Korea. The only canon thing is that he despises K-pop and his brother South Korea. It can be said with certainty he despises America and other western nations too while having friendly relations with China.

North Korea's appearance is hidden by a large flag, a nod to the isolationalist policies of the country. Because of this, the identity is not known.

Aside from his family relations to his brother South Korea and his sister North Korea, there are no confirmed family members.

A popular theory put forward initially by Flylittlecat is that North Korea is a woman, otherwise known as 'Sister Korea'. This is based on the situation of the Korean people, being one people facing an artificial divide. This has however since been disproven by the comic "Dear Sister", where two versions are present, a new one with pigtails and the original without.

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