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World in Trouble


World in Trouble

Things are tensing up between North and South Korea. USA have joined in. Nukes are involved.

...And in Denmark the news are mostly about the snow. Because you know, it’s weird when it snows in a Nordic country.

26th November 2010

2 months ago #9203409

4 months ago #9158610        

@EnglishCheeseMan I just noticed...

That is my message talk thread.

5 months ago #9139120        


Right. Where's your personal talk thread BTW?


100 M
5 months ago #9128917        

@iamjitt yeah now they are pissing off China. They have a cold war technology army and like 4 nukes.

6 months ago #9122846        

Hehe, and meanwhile Sweden and Norway covered in snow looks at Denmark like he's and idiot...

6 months ago #9113936        

It's been years since we got snow here'!!!!

6 months ago #9113935        

AW HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 F
6 months ago #9109059        

let's see how Canada reacts to that 1 snowflake.

6 months ago #9108194        

Ahh... Denmark. Seriously? "A snowflake fell on me!"

6 months ago #9107899        

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