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South Korea

"But when they feel like sleeping with men, they're allowed to visit nearby towns for the night!" korea

Korea is a male Asian character who was introduced in world-in-trouble where he was having a stare down with North Korea, who hit him with a rock causing South Korea to angrily pick up a stick, worrying the other nations about a pending World War 3.

South Korea was also shown dancing to Psy's gangnam-style to the annoyance of North Korea, the look on South Korea's obviously smug smile shows that South Korea was intentionally trying to annoy North Korea.

The first time South Korea spoke was in his third comic and was the first one without North Korea, where he and Japan were interrupting China's phone call to Sweden about the Swedish lesbian city of chako-paul-city.

He wears the South Korean flag as a shirt, blue pants and red shoes.

It hasn't been said whether or not South Korea is related to the other Asian countries shown, especially North Korea. Some fans think they are brothers, and some fans think they are brother and sister, making North Korea the sister. But nothing has been proven or disproven yet, even if the one assumed as Sister South Korea appeared in The-Little-Things taking a selfie with who appears to be Sister North Korea.

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