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Gangnam Style

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Gangnam Style

Of course a joke about PSY's song "Gangnam Style"

America is a bit counfused about which song he's singing because of the number of Americans who call PSY the Korean LMFAO.

24th August 2012

18 hours ago #9292077        

@LatvianAmerican *Facepalms*
Did I even say anything racist. I don't hate and other races, I am a Nationalist, and I preserve cultures, not hate other cultures.
But fine. How ever you want it, Goyim.

3 days ago #9290896        

@EstoniaNordic No one appreciates your ethnocentrism and racism. Keep your derogatory comments to yourself.

15 days ago #9282792        

@LatvianAmerican Generic Goyim.

15 days ago #9282741        

@EstoniaNordic The SS Estonian Legion, first of all a branch of the German SS! which was/is responsible for countless atrocities against ethnic-Estonians, was not a beacon of freedom in or for Estonia. NO SS unit ANYWHERE, EVER fought for freedom. Plain and simple.

21 days ago #9279525        

@LatvianAmerican No. No I am not. SS Estonian Legion fought for Estonian freedom during WW2, and we are grateful for that. I love Estonian Legion, I am a patriot and I listen most Patriotic and SS Estonian Legion songs.

28 days ago #9275717        

@EstoniaNordic Estonian SS Legion songs? You have got to be kidding me!!

2 months ago #9259208        

I'm korean, but I don't like that song.

3 months ago #9238295        

Who needs PSY when you have SS Estonian Legion songs!


14 F
3 months ago #9237709        

Who needs Psy when you have Vocaloid?


12 F
7 months ago #9155887        

The song was nice at first. . . That is, until this one kid kept randomly singing it in class over and over, loudly too! At one point, if I remember correctly he jumped out of his seat and started dancing it. Even though he got himself in trouble, he kept singing. :<

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