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Gangnam Style

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Gangnam Style

Of course a joke about PSY's song "Gangnam Style"

America is a bit counfused about which song he's singing because of the number of Americans who call PSY the Korean LMFAO.

24th August 2012


21 M
3 days ago #9328288        

"EEEEEEEh SEXY LAAIDY!" - The only line in that entire song that most Americans a) remember, and b) understand.

4 days ago #9327737        

I have never heard anyone say PSY is the Korean LMFAO... But America jumped fully onto the Gangnam Style train (even though a lot of us don't know what he says)


15 F
8 days ago #9326161        

@whale21 Yeah, I'm sure there are, but most people where I'm from just know this one. xD


20 M
8 days ago #9325912        

@6ArTrA6 I think there might be a few more differences between North Korea and South Korea besides just their taste in music.

1 month ago #9310536        

But most of North Koreans do not even know who is PSY because South korea's news cannot be seen in NK by many powerful politicians of North korea, like "Kim Jong Un."
Also, the north koreans who have or watch movies, dramas and other things about South Korea are shot for treason.
Sorry... I can't speak English very well ㅠ.ㅠ


15 F
2 months ago #9301889        

And that, my friends, is the difference between North and South Korea!

2 months ago #9294298        

Now North Korea has The Interview and Team America World Police as well to be angry about!

2 months ago #9293945        

@EstoniaNordic Did you catch the part where I said no one appreciates you glorifying SS ballads, regardless of your ethnicity/nationalist ideals?

FYI..."Goyim" is definitely a derogatory, ethno-centrist, racist term where I come from. Especially, how you continue to refer to me as a "goyim".

Keep telling yourself you are cosmopolitan as you defend the SS...whatever helps you sleep at night.

2 months ago #9292077        

@LatvianAmerican *Facepalms*
Did I even say anything racist. I don't hate and other races, I am a Nationalist, and I preserve cultures, not hate other cultures.
But fine. How ever you want it, Goyim.

2 months ago #9290896        

@EstoniaNordic No one appreciates your ethnocentrism and racism. Keep your derogatory comments to yourself.

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