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Gangnam Style


Gangnam Style

Of course a joke about PSY's song "Gangnam Style"

America is a bit counfused about which song he's singing because of the number of Americans who call PSY the Korean LMFAO.

24th August 2012


16 M
1 month ago #9111543      

I was BOrn IN South Korea... Adopted to USA at like less than 1 year old, so S. K don't fall away!


13 F
1 month ago #9109211      

exo is better than psy any day.


100 M
1 month ago #9106152      

Still remember those days the group of my friends all called this stuff Gangman Style

2 months ago #9096260      

Hilarious I hate the song though. Poor North Korea XD

2 months ago #9087616      

Hate that song! D:

2 months ago #9082110      

My say... SHUT UP SOUTH KOREA!!!!!

3 months ago #9069341      

and of course america is singing th wrong song...


23 F
3 months ago #9067484      

@The_Occupant Me too...

3 months ago #9065697      

Work it america!

3 months ago #9062286      

Last one from NK: It's better to have peace in Korea since the atrict might be dagerous because it will end up in a nuclear conflict that will hurt everybody principally America.

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