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Chako Paul City

Chako Paul City

The myth that there's a big lesbian city in Sweden started on the Chinese news, and then spread to Japan and South Korea. The Asian men were so eager to learn more about this magical place that the Swedish tourist sites crashed and when they could no longer use the internet, the men started calling.

24th April 2013

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7 days ago #9351232        

Okay...-_- I think I got it...

26 days ago #9343834        

sexual intercourseing Asians (and no, I do not hate Asians, I just say stuff like that, when someone, or a group of someone's, do something incredibly stupid, or face palm worthy


246 F
26 days ago #9343726        

*mentally counts how many people there are in China, Japan and South Korea*
oh boy. I now understand why sites crashed.

2 months ago #9335476        

I mean i'm not a big fan of Sweden butt Swedish women are great my girl friend as evidence.


2 months ago #9333354        

...This just sounds like the sort of thing that's completely made up, except it's real.

2 months ago #9329357        

I love it when Japan, China, and Korea are all together

3 months ago #9321684        

We actually have a place called Ladiestown in South-West of Norway. When it was created it was for single women to have a place to live. So myeah. Hehe. Rumors spread.


15 F
4 months ago #9301894        

Sweden probably has to deal with shit like this daily because of his sister.


31 M
4 months ago #9295549        



25 M
8 months ago #9235323        

Well in Sweden it's said that this is the most popular ring tone in China. Go fig.

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