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Chako Paul City


Chako Paul City

The myth that there's a big lesbian city in Sweden started on the Chinese news, and then spread to Japan and South Korea. The Asian men were so eager to learn more about this magical place that the Swedish tourist sites crashed and when they could no longer use the internet, the men started calling.

24th April 2013


18 F
16 days ago #9129533      

@Pyonia, I'm one of those rare white girls that would much much much rather go with an asian man before even considering going with a black man


18 F
16 days ago #9129531      

O_o I'm a swedish girl.. never heard of it, but wouldn't surprise me cuz according to the internet all girls in swedish are hot blondes with blue eye, big boobs and everyone of them is into lesbianity

23 days ago #9124959      

@America-sama Okay, well in that case, it doesn't really apply to you :D Also, I'm sorry for having made assumptions on your behalf :)

24 days ago #9124579      

@dracuella Actually, I'm bi or rather pan to be specific.


26 M
24 days ago #9124395      

So u wanna say there is no such a city? Daaarn, what a pity(

24 days ago #9124325      

@Pyonia are you kidding? All of my friends think Asian guys are top of the pops, seriously :D I've had massive crushes on asian guys my entire life, there's no getting around that :)

@America-sama I have to say 'small where it counts' is a really stupid saying. The only thing that counts and should hence not be small, is the brain. Brainy is sexy. Oh, and Lesbians do not "get horny enough to sleep with men because that's what's available at the time", that would be bisexuals. You don't randomly sleep with men if that's what's available at the time, do you? Just like I don't with girls.

1 month ago #9112520      

@Pyonia There is also the possibility of Sister Sweden actually being a lesbian who gets horny enough to sleep with men because that's what's available at the time.

1 month ago #9112518      

@Pyonia It's because of them being stereotyped as being small where it counts. I don't know if it's true.


13 F
1 month ago #9109051      

interesting...what else can I say? this is like Atlantis. it's "mythical"

1 month ago #9107226      

And THAT is why I'm not going to Japan. EVER. (too many pervs.)

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