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"Screw winning! I got hunks!"

France is a minor character in the comic, and one of the few female nations to not be a "sister." She is often depicted as wearing MODern sunglasses, a blue beret, and holding a cigarette stick. France is very promiscuous and not ashamed of it, though it is shown that she is only interested in men in Confusion, where she confused Sister Denmark for, "one of those sexy guys with long hair," and was outraged to find she was actually female. She is the biological mother of Canada (father unknown), though she gave him up for adoption to England when he was very young, possibly so he wouldn't interfere with her sexually liberal lifestyle. Whatever relationship they have today has never been elaborated on.

Though France usually acts friendly enough, she is shown to have a temper in comics such as Battle Cry, and Leaking, though in the latter comic America describes her as, "a thin-skinned cry baby" (possibly referencing the American stereotype of the French as cowardly), and can at times be inconsiderate. She along with Italy does not allow religious symbols in public in her home, going so far as to make the Scandinavians strip naked due to the crosses on their flags (though this was also partially to get to see them nude).

Though it was never shown in the online comics, France has a complex/bitter/special relationship with England

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