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Battle Cry

Northern Lights Poster

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Battle Cry

The "sue culture" of the US will never not be funny to the rest of us. ;)

28th December 2012


14 M
2 days ago #9329975        

It just gets stupider by the day. I once heard about someone who got into an accident with a pedestrian, and he tried to sue the family for the damage it did to his car.

5 days ago #9328908        

@NorwayViking yay

6 days ago #9328437        



20 M
12 days ago #9325919        

Most of America's fights were in response to an attack from another country/entity, so I think a more realistic battle cry would be "Remember *insert name of tragic battle/attack here*!". Like "Remember The Alamo!", "Remember Pearl Harbor!", "Remember 9/11!".


21 M
17 days ago #9324080        

Admit it, you'd run from Murika.


16 M
1 month ago #9316394        

@Ice0tea Eh, close enough

1 month ago #9315675        

@Kyllis155 it's translated more like:
Hit the head!
And Hacka på!


37 M
1 month ago #9314786        

I always had the idea that the french warcry was "Montjoie Saint-Denis" at least when France had a strong army ( before the falling of the second Napoleonic empire)


16 M
1 month ago #9312504        

You forgot the old Finnish one used by hakkapelites: "Hakkaa päälle!" which basically means "Go get them!" or somewhere around that line.

2 months ago #9309018        

France is running in the wrong direction :-)

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