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Battle Cry


Battle Cry

The "sue culture" of the US will never not be funny to the rest of us. ;)

28th December 2012


36 M
2 days ago #9137882      

I like it how France is imitating the boy from that famous painting, Liberty Leading The People by Éugéne Delacroix. She should have imitated the main character of the painting, but that would've required of her being topless.

23 days ago #9124463      

Wait is that for across the States ?
I thought it was just a New York thing .


29 F
23 days ago #9124448      

We joke about the "I'll sue you" here in the USA, since it is always absurd even to us. However the American battlecry tradition is to invoke the name of fallen native american war chiefs like, "Geronimo" when doing something dangerous or rushing into battle.

1 month ago #9115755      

Do you want to know Scotland's battle cry after 1600 ME WANTEE!!!!! *snigger*

1 month ago #9108789      

My professor of DER 127 Legals Aspects is a French guy, this was the first thing that came into my mind when I heard he was from France XD

1 month ago #9108358      

XD I'm an american, and I think other americans saying that is VERY funny.

1 month ago #9107707      

My dad is a lawyer in the US, so I shouldn't think this is funny, but it's just...just...

2 months ago #9103859      

@catSkye oh XD

2 months ago #9101642      

Norway has the best one by far guys.....


17 F
2 months ago #9100588      

@Austria-Wuwer- Yeah, really. The singer Weird Al Yankovic even wrote a song making fun of it. The song is called "I'll Sue Ya". I think some of the lawsuits mentioned might have been real while others were just made up to make fun of the ridiculousness of all the lawsuits. It's really funny. Americans might make fun of out "I'll sue you" culture more than anyone else in the world. That might be because we end up hearing about the most ridiculous things come out of the courtrooms. At some point, I think some people just started doing it for the money.
Once, a robber sued the man he had been trying to rob because he got cut by the saw in the man's garage. *facepalm*

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