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Battle Cry


Battle Cry

The "sue culture" of the US will never not be funny to the rest of us. ;)

28th December 2012

8 days ago #9201269        

Oh you laugh now, but just remember that with death, that's all you get. When Americans sue your ass, we make damn sure that it's an enough amount to haunt you for the rest of your life.
It's actually kind of a legitimate problem here.


15 M
12 days ago #9197999        

But it's fun to sue people...

2 months ago #9154007        

The sue culture is hilarious. Go look at the Stella awards.

2 months ago #9150967        

We Americans are kinda wusses when it comes down to it. Way too many people suing each other for no real good reason.

2 months ago #9150503        

Why is NORWAY the Viking!?


43 M
3 months ago #9148635        

I think "LeeeeROY Jennnkins!" would fit a little better, but thats just me ^^.


16 M
3 months ago #9147506        

Lets face it, the the other guy will just counter sue for the shock he/she recived after being charged at by the United Stetes.

3 months ago #9147028        

I have been wondering about that Geronimo shout. I know a bit about him, but could not understand why USamericans shout it in things unrelated to native american culture.

3 months ago #9141966        

it is funny to us too. there is a saying "so sue me" when we do something or say something someone doesnt like.
@nami not for battle, only for something stupid or dangerous. and even then, not always. we do more battle speeches and "uaaargh!"


36 M
3 months ago #9137882        

I like it how France is imitating the boy from that famous painting, Liberty Leading The People by Éugéne Delacroix. She should have imitated the main character of the painting, but that would've required of her being topless.

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