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Battle Cry

Battle Cry

The "sue culture" of the US will never not be funny to the rest of us. ;)

28th December 2012

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1 day ago #9353231        

America, if only suing people would cover up your national debt...

2 days ago #9353017        

Ah, like big ass swords meant to be wielded by prepubescent children...

2 days ago #9353015        

>France is running in the wrong direction :-)
>3 months ago
Remember now?

6 days ago #9351563        

Norway uses axes in battle? They need a technology update. Badly.


25 days ago #9343811        

Although to us it's more like,
FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! or DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!

29 days ago #9342229        

@ShylokVakarian don't think a made a comment here so I don't know what you are referring to.

1 month ago #9338718        


Why do you have so many guns, if you don't need them?

2 months ago #9333700        

We don't need guns or knives, we got the corrupt legal system!

2 months ago #9333360        

Weird Al even did a song about it.


34 M
2 months ago #9332608        


near where i live someone broke into a house, got injured and sued the home owners, and won....... sadly enough

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