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Battle Cry


Battle Cry

The "sue culture" of the US will never not be funny to the rest of us. ;)

28th December 2012

3 days ago #9275665        

I have no idea where the "lawsuit culture" of the US started, I would guess the coasts (New York and LA). I grew up in the cold, snowy, Midwest, where people are either passive aggressive until it is nauseating and usually let it go because honestly we know our egos are not that big. If it is a weekend night, people deal with it, outside of a courtroom, just like the rest of the planet.

Most Americans are not actually interested in spending time in the courtroom, going through the motions, and actually suing you. Then again, most Americans live on the coasts now!


16 M
9 days ago #9273272        

Hakkaa päälle!

1 month ago #9263100        

Was half expecting "You're Racist" for USA. But yes, I laughed. It is amazingly silly what people here will sue for these days.

1 month ago #9260602        

Do we have a battle crie? I dont know...


24 M
2 months ago #9253612        

Hows about the Finland one of "Hackabel"?


999 M
2 months ago #9250881        

@MoshiMoshiAnimeDesu Well im Swedish but i dont know if we have one either

2 months ago #9240663        

@torklamor What is the Danish Battle Cry anyway? Do we even have one? And if we do why do i not know it???

3 months ago #9233737        

@Keichwoud because there is a video where norwegian soldiers says "til valhall"


999 M
4 months ago #9211441        

@Keichwoud Yeah why not Denmark, Sweden and Norway...


22 F
4 months ago #9210932        

@Keichwoud because we are awesome ;)

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