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Battle Cry

Battle Cry

The "sue culture" of the US will never not be funny to the rest of us. ;)

28th December 2012

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6 days ago #9388165        

There was hundreds. however that's irelevant to the point. Punitive damages are awarded (as I said) to make companies STOP or CHANGE harmful practises. That's why they're damn high. They have nothing to do with who or how many are suing. They are based on the company's SIZE and PROFIT. In this case it was based of how much they made on coffee in two days.

If you gave Mc'D a 1000$ fine they'd be like; alright, I guess we're not changing anything.

There's no question that putting a hot coffee between your legs isn't the brightest of ideas, which is why the punitive damages was significantly lowered. However serving something that can give you a severe third degree burn in 5 seconds isn't bright either.


45 M
8 days ago #9386741        

@Duus Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you have an inate feeling that placing something HOT that you were just handed between your legs is, well, let's say, somewhat stupid?

There is simply something that could be called basic human sense which she obviously did not apply. Yes, I feel for her burns and her pain but to me most of that was in effect self-afflicted. It was not as if somebody at McD's told her to place it between her legs; or spilled it over her, or deliberately or accidentally made the coffee extra hot to burn people, or made the cup extra flimsy so it would break easily.

Rather they served *hot coffee*, period. If I want luke-warm coffee I'd make it myself. If I get handed a hot cuppa joe then I'm not going to place it in a place where it's probably gonna burn myself.

As the case was indicated to me, she was sitting in the passenger seat in the parking lot of a non-moving car, but the accounts of what actually happened vary a lot, so I had hoped for the least frivolous version, ie, non-moving car, passenger seat. All other cases are even more ludicrous. You don't drink a hot cuppa while driving, nor do you clamp it between your legs while driving, especially when you just opened the top, thus decreasing the stability of the container drastically.

So let's return to the most reasonable version. Well, in that case there is something called a dashboard in cars. In most cars it's reasonably flat so it would have been a nearly ideal place to set a hot cup of coffee. No, instead of a *reasonable* place, clamp it between your legs. Yeah, reeeally mature and sensible.

Sorry, I definitely dont see a) litigation amount of $600.000 of either punitive payments nor b) a full number of $2.9 million to be a reasonable amount for ONE case. If there had been hundreds of such cases, maybe; but definitely not for one case.

The problem with the $2.9 mil was that the lawyers get their payment by the total amount of litigation set of by the court, iirc. So the lawyers reaped a huge cash bonus just for that.
That's where those huge sums come from. It's not the plaintives or defendents who usually get the big money; it's normally the lawyers. Slaking their thirst for big money by upping the amount of litigation to totally ludicrous levels seems to be a typical symptom of the system. Not very pleasant in my opinion.

8 days ago #9386696        

To add to the coffee story, there are laws regulating food temperature. The coffee was hotter than liquids are legally allowed to be served. They were violating safety regulations. (Former cook here.)

9 days ago #9386196        


That's really misleading. Back then Mc'D coffee was served at a very high temperature and something like 700 hundred people had, had burn damage from spills. puts 3'rd degree burns at about 5 seconds exposure to 60 degree celsius and the coffee served was atleast 80.

Mc'D was aware they had a product that was dangerous and didn't do anything about it. When they were finally sued they lost and had to pay 160.000 to the old woman.

So where does the 2-3 million figure come from? It comes from the punitive damages. Punitive damages are money the company is forced to pay in order to deter them from continuing the dangerous practices. The 2.6 million dollars in this case is based on the profit from 2 days of coffee sales from Mc'D. The number was lowered to around 600.000$ and in the end settled for less out of court.

This woman was burned really badly and then mocked for months on national tv because "woman spills coffee - gets 2 million dollars" is better news material than the full story - Don't believe me? Google the pictures. I've spilled many a cup of coffee on myself, but it's never burned me like that.


10 days ago #9385316        

........America..... Don't sound like the whiny brat from middle school, threatening to sue me cuz I punched him. Lightly.

Well that's what he gets for being a bitchy little prick who can't shut up. He started it. Fucking bitch. Sue me when I break a bone!


45 M
11 days ago #9385044        

Just imagine: the US have created the Stella awards, after the case of Stella (Liebeck) vs McDonalds and her spilt hot coffee. Where Stella in her infinite stupidity actually got more than $2 million for spilling hot coffee over herself which she had tucked between her legs, and obviously burning herself in the process. The reasoning wasn't because of something reasonable, no, it was because it didn't say so on the outside of the HOT coffee cup that was handed to her that the coffee *might * Actually *BE HOT*! Just bloody amazing!

In irregular intervals since then the worst entrants for those stupidly high litigation sums paid for another stupid stunt done by another stupid person is awarded the 'Stella Award'. Others are dis-/-honorably mentioned.
But as I just saw it, not anymore, alas.
Maybe they were sued to stop it? Who knows.

14 days ago #9383856        

Singing the lyrics of "Marsellaise" in English is funny / weird.

2 months ago #9360350        

Last night's battlecry: I'll rip out your f***ing vocal cords and strangle you with them!

I was sitting down at the train stop when a guy walked over to what looked like 3 international students from Korea and shouted in one of their faces to get her attention. Twice. This made me mad because it hurt my ears too, but also when the locals are less than gracious hosts to our visitors I get a bit mad.

3 months ago #9353231        

America, if only suing people would cover up your national debt...

3 months ago #9353017        

Ah, like big ass swords meant to be wielded by prepubescent children...

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