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Sister America is the younger sister and female counterpart of America. Subsequently, she is also the daughter of England, sister of Australia, and foster sister of Canada.

Sister America is the embodiment of the stereotypical American woman: Loud, shrill, demanding, ignorant, a body with poorly done plastic surgery, and a quasi-parody of American hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. However, when she is first introduced in "Sister America", when the Scandinavian countries initially assume that she will either be sexually promiscuous or obese before meeting her (additional stereotypes of American women), these turn out to both be wrong. In Hilton fashion, she has a small chihuahua dog named Ottawa who is always carried around on her head. Norway once remarks that her breasts don't "jiggle" like normal breasts, due to their plastic implants.

Beyond stereotypes about American women, Sister America also serves to represent the Democratic Party of the United States and liberalism, in contrast to her brother's representation of the Republican Party of the United States and conservatism. Although neither are particularly knowledgeable about their respective ideologies (humon describes them both as merely "parroting" what they get from the media and the Bible, respectively), it none the less puts them at odds ends with one another over certain issues, such as gay marriage or handling the Mexican Gulf oil spill. In that vein, Sister America is a strong supporter of gay rights (though in "Gay Eggs," it is shown she initially believed gay people were penguins), though this is mostly due to her interest in "shipping" (supporting the romance between) her fellow nations (mainly Denmark and Norway, as seen in "Kiss Kiss", "Product Pairing", "Kindred Spirits", "Suggestive Talk"), an activity she shares with her best friend, Sister Japan. She can sometimes become aggressive about her "fangirl" habits, becoming angry when Demark suggested that he has a relationship with Germany in "Suggestive Talk."

Despite her abrasive and demanding side, Sister America, like her brother, has shown to also have a kind and friendly side when it suits her. She is best friends with Sister Japan, the two of whom are big fans of each other's pop cultures ("Fangirls"). She briefly attempts to befriend Norway in "Friendship Flag", showing her sincerity by attempting to combine their flags into a special "friendship flag," only to turn him off by accidentally creating the American Confederacy flag. This has lead some fans to speculate that Sister America represented the Confederacy during the American Civil War, though this has never been confirmed by humon.

She is voiced by pendulumwriter

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