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Sister America

Sister America

So, in Scandinavia the stereotypical American woman is basically Paris Hilton, but prettier and with bigger fake breasts. I’m sorry. :(

We do of course have plenty of girls looking like that here too, but they’re seen as copying American girls.

The thing about Americans is that we always see them as unhealthy, be they fat or skinny. If they’re skinny it just because they don’t eat at all and have had plastic surgeries. Like, they can be some of the prettiest people in the world, but in the most unhealthy way possible. That’s how the stereotype goes anyway. :XD:

And America is indeed spray tanned. He wasn’t originally supposed to stay that way, but then someone mentioned spray tanning and I thought it was too funny to ignore.
I just feel bad about telling you this because a lot of people seemed so happy that he was Latin American. But the truth needs to be told!

13th November 2009

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1 month ago #9360473        

Wow, In america a stereotypical american girl is freckles, brown hair, blue eyes, muscly but a little curvy and equal parts tom boy and girly girl. Sister America looks like a stereotypical valley girl (an area of cali)

2 months ago #9358475        


Sister America must be from California....

2 months ago #9353975        

and I could kind of tell that America has a spray on tan, because if he'd gotten that from vacation, he'd have cancer.

2 months ago #9353972        

The only people in the US that are like this (that I can think of) are selfish, rood, city people. So, basically 70% of the population.



25 M
3 months ago #9349908        

But... no jiggling..

3 months ago #9343508        

This would be less offensive if you had a major cowgirl

4 months ago #9332100        


<Insert giant wall of butthurt on using insert here tag jokes here>


35 M
4 months ago #9328488        

Never trust to a girl with a tiny dog on her head.


21 M
5 months ago #9324544        

I'm surprised there's not more butthurt on this. Time to fix that!

<Insert giant wall of butthurt here>

5 months ago #9321714        

How come the stereotype for American women are our impersonations of Valley Girls?

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