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Sister America

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Sister America

So, in Scandinavia the stereotypical American woman is basically Paris Hilton, but prettier and with bigger fake breasts. I’m sorry. :(

We do of course have plenty of girls looking like that here too, but they’re seen as copying American girls.

The thing about Americans is that we always see them as unhealthy, be they fat or skinny. If they’re skinny it just because they don’t eat at all and have had plastic surgeries. Like, they can be some of the prettiest people in the world, but in the most unhealthy way possible. That’s how the stereotype goes anyway. :XD:

And America is indeed spray tanned. He wasn’t originally supposed to stay that way, but then someone mentioned spray tanning and I thought it was too funny to ignore.
I just feel bad about telling you this because a lot of people seemed so happy that he was Latin American. But the truth needs to be told!

12th November 2009


48 M
23 days ago #9279276        

Ugh. There are so FEW women in the U.S. who act they're from Hollywood... but so many people around the world see us that way.

Even WE are disgusted by them...


24 days ago #9278659        

You punks should meet my Minnesota sister.

But then, she moved to Milwaukee, so I don't know what kind of monster the goddamn cheeseheads have mutated her into.

1 month ago #9269796        

"viking guys"


17 F
2 months ago #9266973        

"Oh, for God's sake, Denmark. She is probably fat as a house. You know how American are wth their food."
This mean and racist comment has made my day XD

2 months ago #9265144        

why did i just start jiggling mine? o.o


22 M
4 months ago #9235097        

seriously why do they not jiggle and what up with that dog

6 months ago #9185923        

@America-sama If you had picked that Sister America, I would have picked the last Denmark guy, on the picture as a reaction, haha

6 months ago #9185845        

@DanishGirlDK This is the other Sister America avatar I could have picked, but didn't. I like the Product Pairing avatar more than the Sister America one here.

6 months ago #9175148        

@MizzNina lol yes. thank you for the correction.

6 months ago #9175066        

Like humon wrote in the description there are girls like her over here too

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