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Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss

This was sent to me

Apparently Sister US ships Norway/Denmark...

shuyinda said, "And there is a place called "Kline" further down there.... Which means "to make out" in Norwegian" :XD:

27th June 2010
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13 days ago #9326163        

@whale21 Wow...


20 M
14 days ago #9325543        

@KofodDane I know it's kind of weird, but honestly America is so large geographically and has such a widespread population that naming all the towns are kind of hard because we don't want to be too repetitive (We have 22 cities named Springfield alone) and we aren't creative enough to think of our own names so we start borrowing names from other countries and cities in other countries like Paris Texas, Cairo Illinois, China Texas, etc. etc. We have a TON of towns is the point I'm driving at.

3 months ago #9289851        

@KofodDane Yep, Danish people & American people name cities weird things!

3 months ago #9287806        

@jackyandrea4 lol Loafer's Glory:P Boring, Why, Whynot!:XD: Handsome Eddy, Husband, Lonelyville, Disco!:XD:
Well, also, here in Denmark, we have Tarm(gut), Tønder(barrels), Mørke(darkness), Løsning(solution), Thisted(which sounds like ''Tissted'' which, directly translated, would mean ''peeplace''), Søllested(measlyplace), Tim(like the name ''Tim''), Skive(slice), Benløse(legless), Stenløse(stoneless), Sengeløse(bedless), Lolland(which is an island), Anholt(sounds like ''anholdt'' which means ''arrested'', is also an island), Fanø(fan island, is sometimes used instead of ''fanden'' which is a Danish swear-word, is also an island), Frederiks(Frederik's), Lem(hatch?), Odder(otter), Give(give), Brande(fires), Blåvand(blue water), Ølgod(ale good), Gram(gram), Haarby(hairtown), Ringe(call/poor), Marstal(Mars number), Tureby(tourtown), Lillerød(little red), Birkerød(birch red), Greve(Count, as in Count Dracula), Stege(roast), and many many others.
Sorry for making this long list, but I just felt like it^^; Also, there are many, many other weird names here;P
Btw, there's actually a town/city in France called Nice:XD:

3 months ago #9287621        

@KofodDane How about we take a trip to Boring, Oregon, then ask questions in Why, Arizona, and answer them in Whynot, Mississippi, after that, we'll have a party in Disco, Tennessee, and chillax in Loafer's Glory, North Carolina. And later why not go to Handsome Eddy, New York? Then let's meet the loves of our lives in Loveladies, New Jersey. And when we grow up and get married, Let's marry the men of our lives in Husband, Pennsylvania! And lastly, when we're old, and our husbands sadly die, we'll go to Lonelyville, New York. Those are just a few examples of the weird names of cities in the USA.

3 months ago #9287272        

@jackyandrea4 Here in Denmark, we have a town with a pretty unlucky name. It's called ''Kværkeby'', which, directly translated, means ''Strangletown'':XD:

3 months ago #9286647        

@KofodDane Yeah... and just like Finland, we have TONS of cities named after CHRISTMAS! Like:
North Pole, Alaska
Santa Claus, Indiana
Snowflake, Arizona
Christmas, Florida
And the list goes on & on.

3 months ago #9286485        

@jackyandrea4 It's crazy what all those towns, cities and villages are called. Some are worse than others:XD:

3 months ago #9286188        

@KofodDane I think you mean the ones in South Carolina and Michigan. Now don't even get me started on the names of the towns named after other towns.

3 months ago #9280150        

I know I should be flattered, but seriously...DAFUQ?!

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