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Kiss Kiss


Kiss Kiss

This was sent to me

Apparently Sister US ships Norway/Denmark...

shuyinda said, "And there is a place called "Kline" further down there.... Which means "to make out" in Norwegian" :XD:

27th June 2010

2 months ago #9097556      

OMG YES!! ^u^ I would "eat people" for little Norway/Denmark plushies <3

3 months ago #9073460      

she's cute. ~ Addison

3 months ago #9054726      

I ship this in hetalia.... but Den should be with Netherlands and Belgium


16 F
3 months ago #9049259      

I ship them too :) Their just too sweet not to

5 months ago #9007165      

"i want a Denmark and Norway plushie too!"

I can understand that.

5 months ago #9003886      

А почему бы ей не пофлиртовать с Данией?

6 months ago #8981868      

Silly imgur!

7 months ago #8972824      

i want a Denmark and Norway plushie too!

7 months ago #8971578      

Sister america does not look good this close up.

8 months ago #8945179      

Denmark would make a cute couple with anyone.

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