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Ottawa is Sister America's pet dog, and only appears on top of Sister America's head. Ottawa first appears in Sister America and was simply referred to as "little doggy" by Sister America. Ottawa appears to be a brown chihuahua, with a question mark usually floating above its head. In fact, there are only three comics that Ottawa appears in without a floating question mark, which are Suggestive Talk, Child of the Night, and Like a Cloud, which is also notable for being the only comic that Ottawa appears without a question mark for more than one panel and the only instance that Ottawa's legs are hidden/not drawn.

While Sister America is implied to use Ottawa as a fashion statement, she appears to care for Ottawa's well being in at least one strip. Ottawa's eyes are pointed in two different directions in every instance besides the comic Fangirls. This, combined with Ottawa's consistent question mark, implies that Ottawa is generally confused by its surroundings. However, in a few instances, Ottawa has appeared scared or surprised at what is going on, especially when Sister America is yelling. Also, Ottawa is able to interact (and apparently eat) the floating hearts that appear around Sister America occasionally. Ottawa has never made a sound in the comics, and is the only recurring character that is completely silent.

Ottawa is never refered to by name in the comic series, and it is unknown if Ottawa is actually the representation of the Canadian city. If so, Ottawa would be the only character in the series to represent a single city. Ottawa is comparable to Canada because they both are seen occupying an American head frequently. While Canada dislikes this denotation, Ottawa seems to be indifferent.


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