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Gay Eggs


Gay Eggs

If you’re unsure of how America and his sister got the idea that gays are penguins/flamingos just google “gay penguins” and “gay flamingos”.

A lot of people have suggested that Sister America should be a hippie Liberal to counter America’s religious Republican, but I have to admit that I ignored those ideas simply because Sister America is far from a hippie.

But then someone came with the brilliant idea that she should be a Hollywood Liberal who like a parrot just repeats what others have said without really knowing what she’s talking about. That fitted perfectly with America who is just quoting the Bible without really understanding it.

I like to think of them as having the mentality of teenagers. They want to make the world a better place and think they have all the answers, but they have yet to understand how it all works. They'll get there eventually. :XD:

19th May 2010


18 F
1 month ago #9299009        

Pfffft.... I feel horrible for laughing because it is cruel to make fun of the ignorant...

1 month ago #9291703        

I think this is a great representation of the stereotypical american ignorance.

2 months ago #9287021        

Technically, we are teenagers. And the worst thing is? Us American teens are the ADULT aspects of America.


2 months ago #9283521        

@Svartsmara89 Your figure includes Russia, that's like the United states lumping itself in with Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the Yucatan.

3 months ago #9272601        

Fyi @yessssimamerican the Continent of europe is about 300 000 km2 larger than the USA. USA is about 9.800.000 km2 and europe is 10.180.000 km2. And in the us there lives about 320.000.000 people and in europe there lives about 730.000.000 people.

3 months ago #9271494        

I don't know whether to agree or be offended by that description of America.. Roflmao.. I'm neither of the caracatures described above.. So I feel like Americans are being a little under represented.. Our entire country is bigger then the continent of Europe after all.. ;) ;)

3 months ago #9270489        

poor sister america's dog he's so confused


246 F
3 months ago #9267633        

At least Sister America isn't as close-minded as her bro .. ^^'

3 months ago #9266874        

ummm wut

3 months ago #9264723        

@danthescott It is still pretty stupid. Religion should not matter at all in politics, if you ask me.

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