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Gay Eggs


Gay Eggs

If you’re unsure of how America and his sister got the idea that gays are penguins/flamingos just google “gay penguins” and “gay flamingos”.

A lot of people have suggested that Sister America should be a hippie Liberal to counter America’s religious Republican, but I have to admit that I ignored those ideas simply because Sister America is far from a hippie.

But then someone came with the brilliant idea that she should be a Hollywood Liberal who like a parrot just repeats what others have said without really knowing what she’s talking about. That fitted perfectly with America who is just quoting the Bible without really understanding it.

I like to think of them as having the mentality of teenagers. They want to make the world a better place and think they have all the answers, but they have yet to understand how it all works. They'll get there eventually. :XD:

19th May 2010

22 hours ago #9264723        

@danthescott It is still pretty stupid. Religion should not matter at all in politics, if you ask me.


22 F
4 months ago #9195102        

I've already commented on this comic, but after rereading it, I'm pretty sure Sister America is The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party:

4 months ago #9178829        

I love how Sweden is simply gone in the last panel.

5 months ago #9161661        

This also fits with how, in America, politics is most gender-polarized when it comes to social issues.


18 F
6 months ago #9149262        

I find these comics so funny but really it depends on were you live in America as to how they feel about gay people. Like I live in Washington and we love gay people we have a really great gay population and we're really open. In my highschool we even had a gay ASB president. We even had a crossdress spirit day just for him, so he could come to school all decked out and be called Christina. He was really cool and he planned like the best Prom.

6 months ago #9143930        

*cues finland with an axe to shut them up*

7 months ago #9112675        

@ryguy90 - You're right. Americans don't need anyone to help them look like dumb jerks! We're more than capable of doing that on our own!

7 months ago #9110537        

its sad to think they see republicans as members of westbrobaptist church. while we do not support homosexual behavior because ot goes aginst the bible we dont hate gays for being gay, that is just one huge missconsecption. plus in the bible the attraction is not the sin, acting on the atraction is sin, just wanted to clear that up.


23 F
8 months ago #9104853        

I don't know, I think it's pretty damn accurate, especially of certain areas around here. Besides, this is a humorous comic, poking fun at country stereotypes, not an accurate portrayal of what every human being in the world is like.


22 F
8 months ago #9093759        


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