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"Sure, whatever."

Canada is the adopted son of England and adoptive brother of America, Australia and New Zealand.
He first appeared in the comic I want oil. His latest appearance is in Hot Brew. He is the most well behaved of England's children and is one of the most kind natured of the SATW countries. Despite being poked fun of by America, Canada is often seen atop his head and comforting him, such as when America accidentally touched Sister Sweden's boob. He also enjoys petting New Zealand.

He has curly brown hair and a beard, and wears a long-sleeved shirt with his flag on it.
In his first appearance, Canada wore a white long-sleeved shirt with a maple leaf in the middle.
Canada is notable for his immense amount of chest hair, as seen in Canada the Bishie, Merry Christmas, and The Canadian Siblings

He has a polar bear.
Canada is shown to be on America's head like a hat in most of the comics he appears in.
He gets flowers annually from Sister Netherlands, to America's confusion.

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