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The Canadian Siblings


The Canadian Siblings

Cue a million "Canadian women are not hairy!" comments.

But really, if it surprises you that this is what Sister Canada looks like, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention when reading my comics.

Besides, how else did you think they could keep warm during those icy summers that everybody knows Canada has? (Cue a million "Canada does not have icy summers!" comments)

And if nothing else, you know Denmark and Sister Sweden would still do them both. :XD:

EDIT: I'm very amused by how scared people are of body hair. Come on people, it's just hair. As in the stuff that grows on your head. How old are you? You act like I drew them vomiting down each other's throats or something.

30th January 2010

2 days ago #9266994        

Their body hair look like moose's hair... o.o


18 O
18 days ago #9259291        

Personally I love that they are hairy, makes it more realistic because not everybody choose to shave :)

21 days ago #9257958        

...Did you draw Canada with hairy forearms? ...WHY?


20 F
1 month ago #9248937        

I actually love a man with body hair, it's so manly and hot... and fluffy XD but for women... that's kind of weird to be honest. It depends, if they're groomed it's not so bad.

1 month ago #9246489        

I hadn't given much thought to how freaked out everyone else would be by body hair, but now that you mention it, I'm not surprised. Personally, I'm pro-hair and have always thought that I would totally do Canada...once I stopped laughing at the fact that the hair growth is sort of in the pattern of a maple leaf. ;-D This comic cracked me up, and after I stopped laughing, I thought, "I'd totally do Sister Canada too." (I must have a little Danish in me. ;-)

2 months ago #9239297        

I burst out laughing when I saw this. No we aren't all hairy and no our summers aren't icy but who cares!? This is great ^-^


21 M
5 months ago #9174695        

I must admit, I've never heard of a boob-wax, but it doesn't sound pleasant...

5 months ago #9165364        

Hairy boobs, hahahahah!
I don't get the short hair on sister Canada though.

6 months ago #9141410        

I happen to know that there are a few lovely, relatively habitable places to live on Norway's Arctic coast. I'm a subtropical type, though.

7 months ago #9121293        

@Sakashar, as you say, it's is not necessary for both parents to have (or exhibit) the blue eyes trait (phenotype), they can even both have brown eyes. BUT they both need to have a blue eye gene if they are to have a child with blue eyes. The child would then receive one copy of the blue eye gene from each parent. Therefore, the black individuals that you mention must have had parents, which each had a gene for blue eyes regardless of being black themselves (if that was the case).

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