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The Canadian Siblings

The Canadian Siblings

Cue a million "Canadian women are not hairy!" comments.

But really, if it surprises you that this is what Sister Canada looks like, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention when reading my comics.

Besides, how else did you think they could keep warm during those icy summers that everybody knows Canada has? (Cue a million "Canada does not have icy summers!" comments)

And if nothing else, you know Denmark and Sister Sweden would still do them both. :XD:

EDIT: I'm very amused by how scared people are of body hair. Come on people, it's just hair. As in the stuff that grows on your head. How old are you? You act like I drew them vomiting down each other's throats or something.

31st January 2010

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32 F
6 days ago #9373118        

*looks down*

I must be one like those hairless cats.

1 month ago #9359131        

The fluff makes them even cuter! :D So cuddly!

2 months ago #9357965        

Damn, satw!Canadians are fluffy as fuck.

2 months ago #9354996        

@LazuliTintomara Yes, we're pretty fuzzy overall. Long-ish hair on guys (often called "Hockey Hair" because it's long enough to peek out from under a helmet) is quite acceptable and common, as is facial hair on men, for pretty much all ages and all walks of life.

In the more corporate world, often it'll just be "designer stubble", but many men have moustaches (weirdly, I think it's more controversial to have a moustache than it is to have a beard, because of the stereotype we have that people with moustaches are creepy perverts), goatee's, or even full, glorious lumberjack beards - it's always been funny to me to watch old episodes of Top Gear where they make fun of facial hair because it's so normal here we almost don't notice it.

For the ladies, I don't know that there's any *stereotype* that we're fuzzy (I think the picture is just Humon joking around about what the characters are like the in comic world she's created), but for sure it's pretty common - not universal, but pretty common - for women to, say, stop shaving their legs during winter.

This is not just because we're wearing pants all the time and no one will really see your legs, or even that having a bit of body hair will help you stay warm, but, at least in the part of Canada I'm in, it's very very very dry in the winter. If I shaved my legs all the time, my skin would dry right out; the hair/stubble helps keep some of the natural skin oils in, at least in my opinion.


2 months ago #9354033        

The horror

2 months ago #9351452        

I love all hair except facial hair.
Is this a common stereotype about Canadians?

2 months ago #9349493        

male canadas body hair looks like a mushroom cloud

3 months ago #9340864        

I have the perfect caption for this;
"That one day of summer during winter in Canada" or

4 months ago #9336553        

I love her hair! And I mean the one on top of her head; don't care much about the rest. But her bobbly hair is just awesome. :D

4 months ago #9334988        

half the girls i know stop shaving during winter xD believe me you need the extra insulation

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