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I want oil


I want oil

So there is a spot between Canada and Greenland where there might be oil, and now all the countries around it claim it as their own. Especially America, Russia and yes, tiny little Denmark are being very aggressive about it.

Sweden can’t really get into the fight because he can’t claim that the spot belongs to him, and Norway is pretty relaxed about it, because he already has his own oil. :)

24th July 2009

24 days ago #9124560      

Luckily, oil was recently found on Iceland's sea territory.


32 M
2 months ago #9101671      

@ TimMogens you are dead-wrong. Even Azerbaijan has offshore oil just check Wikipedia.

2 months ago #9100436      

Thank you iamjtt :-)


19 M
2 months ago #9098796      

Let Canada and Greenland have it. Sharing.
Denmark and especially America and Russia has NOTHING to do there. Stay inside your own borders please.


35 M
3 months ago #9071818      

Take THAT bacon people! Hahaha j/king

4 months ago #9043576      



4 months ago #9043453      

@Nightshade624 Brazil's petroleum is under the sea. There is no Petroleum in the land in Brazil. And as it's very hard to take petroleum from down there Brazil use Norway's technology, because they also have many petroleum under sea.

4 months ago #9043270      


ah. I misunderstood.

4 months ago #9042471      

@Nightshade624 well, but ALL of Brazil's petroleum is underwater. that's why Brazil and Norway are those who use more off shore wells.

4 months ago #9041841      


what? I live in a part of the US why we have plenty of off shore wells (one blew up a few years ago) and we have plenty of underwater oil in Alaska.

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