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I want oil

I want oil

So there is a spot between Canada and Greenland where there might be oil, and now all the countries around it claim it as their own. Especially America, Russia and yes, tiny little Denmark are being very aggressive about it.

Sweden can’t really get into the fight because he can’t claim that the spot belongs to him, and Norway is pretty relaxed about it, because he already has his own oil. :)

25th July 2009

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3 months ago #9343418        

Seriously!!!! You didn't make canda's sleeves red!? I had no sexual intercoursein clue that it was Canada!


37 F
4 months ago #9333996        

Now, there's a guy who can be satisfied with having "enough". Though, I imagine, that enough is a lot (it usually is).

4 months ago #9333223        

@Canadaforeverandever: Haha I can see that. Now I'm trying to come up with a ship name. Canaland? Greenada? There really isn't a good one... ;)

5 months ago #9326420        

we have lots of oil, don't need anymore xD



15 F
6 months ago #9301896        

Canada is probably used to dealing with his brother and oil.

6 months ago #9299256        

The first panel... it makes want to ship them.

6 months ago #9297721        

What will happen when we find our oil, america will invade us again...

6 months ago #9297108        

Aww poor Canada

8 months ago #9276226        

What da fuq, America?!?!OoO


21 M
8 months ago #9265866        

@StereotypicalDane I made an account just to tell you you're wrong, because according to "Selvstyre loven" Greenland has the right to all mineral wealth. Neither Greenland nor the Faroe Islands pay taxes to the Danish crown and both have their own parliament the only thing Denmark controls in Greenland is the police, the legal system and the army.

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