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Who to give Flowers

Who to give Flowers

America doesn’t like being confused. :(

Inspired by two things.
1) Canada getting flowers every year from the Netherlands as a thank you for helping them during WWII.
2) A conversation between two guys that I overheard. :D

12th August 2010
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21 M
8 days ago #9328061        

Bwahahaaa, that is so cute and hilarious.


22 M
13 days ago #9326269        

I want to visit the Netherlands so bad, mainly due to this piece of our history..

15 days ago #9325147        

America so jealous of our tulip festival!
I believe we also receive them every year from the Dutch because back in the war, a Dutch princess was in labour in Canada, and they have to have their babies on Netherlands soil. So we designated her room in the hospital as official Netherlands soil, and now they give us tulips! They are planted along the Rideau canal in Ottawa in springtime :-)

23 days ago #9322232        

Well Norway gives Iceland a tree every Christmas what does that make us ??

27 days ago #9320107        

A gun really america

1 month ago #9314594        

america why so mean with canada. at least he got flower from someone and no you

1 month ago #9314375        

As a half-Dutch Canadian, I always love this kind of stuff. My Oma and Opa came over to Canada after the war. Loved it here ever since.

1 month ago #9311754        

I thank the years of appreciation that the Netherlands has given Canada over the years. The bond between the two nations quite beautiful.


15 F
2 months ago #9303184        

Yes, point a gun at the tulips. That'll definitely help.

2 months ago #9299142        

I always found this to be my favourite event to learn from WWII. Because of this we now have the Tulip Festival in Ottawa every spring! (FYI, I've been to one once, and found it beautiful!)

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