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Who to give Flowers

Who to give Flowers

America doesn’t like being confused. :(

Inspired by two things.
1) Canada getting flowers every year from the Netherlands as a thank you for helping them during WWII.
2) A conversation between two guys that I overheard. :D

13th August 2010

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14 days ago #9385642        

Nice historical nod. One of the great things about Scandinavia & the world.

1 month ago #9376679        

Considering how gay America is, it's funny how homophobic they can be.

1 month ago #9373513        

I've been to the Netherlands, it's a beautiful country. And being a Canadian of Dutch ancestry myself, I really love this comic


999 O
3 months ago #9356004        

Sister Netherland is cute


4 months ago #9350113        

In America, everybody calls everything gay. I'm American, and I don't understand it either :P

4 months ago #9341466        

Bro,your just confusing yourself. It's alright if a girl gives flowers to a guy and vice versa.

4 months ago #9338691        

@Iceland_awesome #9322232
Tree importers.

5 months ago #9335892        

Last panel made me laugh so much. Also, sister Netherlands is adorable.

5 months ago #9332197        


And I totally get why America doesn't get flowers from Netherlands every year. :D


21 M
5 months ago #9328061        

Bwahahaaa, that is so cute and hilarious.

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