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Who to give Flowers


Who to give Flowers

America doesn’t like being confused. :(

Inspired by two things.
1) Canada getting flowers every year from the Netherlands as a thank you for helping them during WWII.
2) A conversation between two guys that I overheard. :D

12th August 2010

3 days ago #9261895        

@EngleSheep2 OMG YAS! Like I've been saying since maybe last year or something like that; Sister Netherlands and Canada are a ship meant to ship!

7 days ago #9259493        

CanadaxNetherlands I ship it

23 days ago #9250562        

You are welcome canada!

3 months ago #9202723        

@Farfegnugen Neat! :)

3 months ago #9192533        

@DeadlyLittleKate Yup! It's specifically an Ottawa thing (read below for why!), and the tulip is actually the city flower because of that.

@JWTB Well, it's technically more because Princess Magriet was born on Canadian soil than due to our actual combat role in the Netherlands, although that is also recognized in the celebration.

The story goes that the Dutch royal family fled the Netherlands in the spring of 1940, after the German invasion. They went to England first, but the younger members later came to Canada for safety (because England was getting bombed) and ended up staying in our capitol city, Ottawa, where they stayed until the spring of 1945. During that time, in 1943, Princess Juliana gave birth to Princess Magriet at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. But, because Danish law doesn't let you be a royal if you hold dual nationality, and anyone born on Canadian soil is automatically, and legally, Canadian, the Canadian government temporarily declared the hospital 'extraterritorial' - essentially a "no man's land", and not Canadian territory - so that the Princess could be born and still hold singular nationality and ascend the throne.

When the royal family returned to the Netherlands in the spring of 1945, Princess Juliana sent a gift of thousands of tulip bulbs back to Ottawa, with the request that they be planted on the hospital grounds. She would continue to send gifts of tulips every year of her reign (1948 to 1980) in commemoration of both the role of Canadian troops in the liberation of the Netherlands and the safe home Canada provided to herself and her children during the war. Although tulips are no longer sent over (to be fair, they're perennials and come back year after year; we'd run out of space if we kept getting new ones!), the Tulip Festival which was created in 1967 to celebrate the arrival of the flowers each spring continues in Ottawa to this day, and there are now over a million bulbs blooming every year along the tulip route.

The more you know.


4 months ago #9189415        

Is this where the tulip festival comes from? (Every May there is a tulip festival in Ottawa idk about other places in Canada)


17 M
4 months ago #9177715        

This is the first time I have ever heard in my life that my country donates flowers to Canada for their help during WW 2


27 M
5 months ago #9163191        

Yea yea... being gay is a sin and being a lesbian is great... Like there is a different between those two xD Still, I prefer Yuri xD

5 months ago #9155177        


7 months ago #9115153        

And yet you are not so ignorant. How come?

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