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Who to give Flowers


Who to give Flowers

America doesn’t like being confused. :(

Inspired by two things.
1) Canada getting flowers every year from the Netherlands as a thank you for helping them during WWII.
2) A conversation between two guys that I overheard. :D

12th August 2010


20 F

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1 day ago #9279005        

America's always so... sadly accurate.

4 days ago #9277548        

Have you made a comic about America saving Denmark from Nazi Germany yet? (It was America who saved us from WWII, right??)
If not, then could you make one?:33 I think it'd be fun to see Denmark getting saved by a...well...America!;)

20 days ago #9270815        


21 days ago #9270357        

I remember seeing this fact on Imgur. Thanks, for reminding me about it, because it is pretty awesome.

1 month ago #9263468        

Oh we spoke about this in history. I too would appreciate a truckload of tulips.

1 month ago #9263287        


1 month ago #9261895        

@EngleSheep2 OMG YAS! Like I've been saying since maybe last year or something like that; Sister Netherlands and Canada are a ship meant to ship!

2 months ago #9259493        

CanadaxNetherlands I ship it

2 months ago #9250562        

You are welcome canada!

4 months ago #9202723        

@Farfegnugen Neat! :)

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