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New Zealand

New Zealand is a female sheep introduced during Sweden's dinner party, where Australia brings New Zealand instead of Sister Australia


New Zealand is a sheep with the New Zealand flag colours and design on her wool.

Her personality shown in the Scandinavia and the World comics:

New Zealand is seen as a fairly relaxed and laid back character who is very loving towards Wales. She seems at ease with her family and is shown relaxing and eating grass in Canada's arms in New Family

She has a dislike of rings due to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and is shown throwing the ring into Mount Doom when Wales pops the question. However she does accept his proposal. It is unclear if they got married yet or not.

She is easily embarrassed and humble as she blushes when Wales sees her sheared and when she wins the award for the Freedom Pageant


New Zealand is very loving towards Wales as she hits it off with him quickly during Sweden’s dinner party. She is easily embarrassed when around him. They have a child together called New South Wales

New Zealand is shown to have good relations with her family as she is always seen relaxed and smiling once with them. It is implied she is a part of England's family yet what role she fills has yet to be verified.

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