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proposal "New Zealand! You should have told me you been sheared! I would had knocked"

Wales is one of the neighbouring countries to England, and is part of the United Kingdom. The character was first introduced into the webcomic dinner partner, where he is seen cuddling and flirting with a female sheep known as the character New Zealand. In the later comics, the two are often put into romantic scenarios together, even causing the creation of their daughter New South Wales, who has the character design of a lamb.

Wales gained it's independance by giving England the sucker punch of a lifetime. There was once a civil war in England between four English kings. The king who finally won (Henry VII) was secretly Welsh. He then gave Wales it's independence and all was well..... Until Henry VIII decided to ban the speaking of Welsh across Wales (despite him being half Welsh). That's mainly the reason why not all Welsh people can speak welsh.

Wales has always been a country famed for it's mass population of sheep, having had great success in the olden days for their wool. But no doubt the real reason for this odd pairing, is due to the fact that there is an old running joke about the welsh which was created by the English. Where in medieval times if a Welshman was caught stealing a sheep he would most likely get his hand chopped off, so to deceive their gullible English neighbours. Welshmen would instead say that they were planning to 'have fun' with the sheep, which would result in a less brutal punishment.

Wales is a gentle character who dearly loves New Zealand. He has curly dark brown hair, and like other characters wears his own flag consisting of the welsh dragon.

Wales also had a "Original National Personification" Dame Wales (Wales) national-personifications who is a female personification of Wales (and the original). Also a traditional outfit usually worn by young girls on St Davids day (March 1st).

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