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New South Wales

"New South Wales!" hello-new-south

New South Wales was Introduced in sheep-are-cute as a female lamb, and the daughter of New Zealand and Wales. She has no human physical characteristics but unlike her mother she can speak English. It shocked Norway to find out that Wales (a human) had had a baby with New Zealand (a sheep), though Sweden was indifferent to the whole thing and told Norway to shut up, because Norway had made an alcoholic (Denmark) out of sand, which Denmark then drunkenly responded he wanted to bang a sheep and asked Sweden why he hadn't yet.

New South Wales history is a bloody one. New South Wales was to be colonised by Britain, but had the buildings and resources could be easily made by prisoners being used as free labour. The authorities tried to keep everything under control by using violence and issuing statements by executing prisoners who "stepped out of line". This failed and the prisoners eventually rebelled. The newly-freed prisoners started to kill each nativeman,woman and child that lived there. Some killed for religious reasons, most just for sport. Literally, they captured a native, freed them, then timed how long it took for them to shoot the native. Srsly wtf!?

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