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New Family

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New Family

Lazy sketches time!

So I was wondering what life would be like for newly adopted Canada in England’s house. What would he think of the place?

The first sketch is of Canada walking in on America dying his hair. Papa England does not like that America is ruining his hair like that, so he has do it without him knowing. Because what can England do when it’s done? Sure, he could shave it all off as punishment, but he doesn’t want a bald son either. Sssh Canada. Don’t tell on him.

Next is Australia hiding from his papa in a tree. God only knows what he did this time, but he would prefer if England didn’t find him. Ssssh Canada. You keep your damn mouth shut!

And finally Canada petting New Zealand, wondering what the hell kind of family he has become part of.

23rd November 2009

2 months ago #9263616        

@DeadlyLittleKate And don't forget the fact that we almost got held hostage by a bunch of Irish living in America in order to force England to let Ireland go. Ahhh, Canuck history. Wacky times.

4 months ago #9224548        

@DeadlyLittleKate Les Acadiens!

6 months ago #9188926        

Actually until the ending of the American revolution caused a ton of Brits to flee to Canada, it was almost entirely populated by Francos, who DESPISED the Brits. It was getting so bad that England had to show force to make them obedient by deporting Les Habitants to the south - which is why there are French speakers in New Orleans. Before the population was balanced out, French were on the verge of trying to take Canada back....

yay history :)

6 months ago #9177598        

@SJ_Fil Agreed! I would *love* for sister Canada to be Metis. Think about it:

Brother Canada could be the usual stereotype of a very polite and quiet and maybe a little hum-drum guy of respectable middle class English/French descent who has a definite outdoorsy side (which is how we usually portray ourselves and get portrayed in the outside world) and sister Canada could be a wacky eccentric pot-smoking, hockey-fighting, artsy Metis city girl. I think that'd pretty much cover most of our stereotypes and cultural influences, as well as lead to hilarious hijinks when soeur Canada continually makes fun of America... :D


100 M
9 months ago #9119506        

So England's brother is in love with his families pet?
And I thought Canada was France and England's baby out of wedlock?

9 months ago #9105570        

Canada's like my little sister

10 months ago #9085854        

Wow... my dad is like the humidified version of England. He's british, strict, glasses, and wears suits. I realized this like five seconds ago

10 months ago #9085355        

We're the only normal one in this family. *sigh*

11 months ago #9065039        

America's shirtless!! *nosebleeds and falls down on the floor*

1 year ago #9036639        

I love this, this needs to be a story unto itself. split england from the Scandinavia and the world and just tell stories about the adventures of England's family. Ireland, scotland, and wales are England's brothers who got really irritated when he became a huge Industrial tyrant. During his constant economic and military battles with France and MaleFrance, France and he got way too overly familiar and Canada came about, but France didn't want Canada to be with an unscrupulous and selfish man like England, so she made Canada stay with him. Eventually America left home and Australia became too much of a burden that England had to send him away. all alone, now, his brothers hating him, his lover his greatest enemy and his sons off in distant lands swearing independence, England finally realizes what a dick he's been and starts his life over. He makes amends with France and she agrees to let Canada spend time with his dad, America and Australia are happy their dad is nicer now, though America still wants to be seen as his own person after he got a lot of praise from his Step-mom France for it and now England is happy, though still sad when Ireland and Scotland still keep seeing him as the corrupt and cruel man he used to be. It doesn't help that he's still not that nice to them either. Now he hears that Scotland might truly be leaving the family and it breaks his heart, but he knows he really has no place to say otherwise, they were never the best of kin

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