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New Family

New Family

Lazy sketches time!

So I was wondering what life would be like for newly adopted Canada in England’s house. What would he think of the place?

The first sketch is of Canada walking in on America dying his hair. Papa England does not like that America is ruining his hair like that, so he has do it without him knowing. Because what can England do when it’s done? Sure, he could shave it all off as punishment, but he doesn’t want a bald son either. Sssh Canada. Don’t tell on him.

Next is Australia hiding from his papa in a tree. God only knows what he did this time, but he would prefer if England didn’t find him. Ssssh Canada. You keep your damn mouth shut!

And finally Canada petting New Zealand, wondering what the hell kind of family he has become part of.

24th November 2009

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1 month ago #9364686        

@AmericanGrammerSucks - Most Likely...

2 months ago #9354001        

I wounder if when Canada gets angry (very rarely) he brakes out into french.;p


26 M
3 months ago #9348764        

@Mushies Yup!

3 months ago #9343748        

New Zealand cameo! :D

Gotta love New Zealand
And Canada
Those two are adorable.



18 O
3 months ago #9338608        

This is pure gold. I feel like there's an entire short to be made out of that one sketch of Canada petting New Zealand.


21 M
4 months ago #9327792        

Welcome to the nuthouse, now go get India to make you some tea with real Chinese opium!


15 F
6 months ago #9302451        

@RubyV I loved that comic. xD It was the first one I ever saw. :)


19 O
6 months ago #9302078        

@6ArTrA6 I know but I'm drunk right now ;)


15 F
6 months ago #9301587        

This is my favorite comic.


15 F
6 months ago #9301586        

@RubyV Your comment just goes so perfectly with your profile picture. I laughed out loud, making everyone near me think I'm insane.

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