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Dinner Partner

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Dinner Partner

Everybody knows that there’s nothing but sheep in New Zeeland, and that Wales is quite fond of sheep. It's a match made in Heaven! ;)

And either Norway, Denmark and Sweden's dinner patners left before time, or Sweden mockingly made Denmark his dinner partner because Denmark once invented man-breasts. :XD:

4th August 2009

2 months ago #9266360        

"Everybody knows that there’s nothing but sheep in New Zeeland" Ooh, Zeeland?

2 months ago #9265877        

Is it bad that I literally drew New Zealand and Wales getting married?

2 months ago #9263473        

Because sheep need love too! ^^

2 months ago #9260067        

Well... For every human in new zealand there is 4 and 1/4 sheep...


18 M
3 months ago #9251297        

i'm still waiting for Peru to appear....please dont make us look like a llama!

3 months ago #9244137        

I'll sit with Russia.... (Trying not to die because of Belarus being jealous)

5 months ago #9215258        

I want to sit with italy and greece :D

5 months ago #9197632        

Funny thing, Im actually Half Swedish and Half Kiwi :P

8 months ago #9145904        

@TwilightPanther haha, im pretty much used to all the comments on it now so im fine with it, and i didnt know it was that rare? :O

8 months ago #9142758        

@Welshpanda Oh well, even if you're not Welsh you get called a black sheep if you have dark curly/helix hair. Same for people with blonde curly/helix hair. Just play along and make a joke of it yourself so it won't be as funny.
There are plenty of people who are jealous of curly/helix hair because it's such a rare hairtype (I've gotten plenty of comments "Wanna trade/I wish I had that type of hair" because of how after washing it it's already done unlike straight hair which needs a ton of combing)

Wear it proudly!

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