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Dinner Partner


Dinner Partner

Everybody knows that there’s nothing but sheep in New Zeeland, and that Wales is quite fond of sheep. It's a match made in Heaven! ;)

And either Norway, Denmark and Sweden's dinner patners left before time, or Sweden mockingly made Denmark his dinner partner because Denmark once invented man-breasts. :XD:

4th August 2009


21 F
23 hours ago #9317326        

I love New Zealand!
But I have to ask: How can Australia know that New Zealand is a woman?


21 F
13 days ago #9310819        

I love how Australia called New Zealand a woman XD. Like that would settle things XD.

25 days ago #9303290        

Lol I Shiiiipp Ittttttt !!!!


15 F
27 days ago #9301578        

Be disturbed Sweden. Be VERY disturbed.

27 days ago #9301415        

Come buy some stuff here, it's sheep. "Badumtshh"

1 month ago #9299260        

@RussiasSunflower2020: Oh look, a Hetalia fan! We get one of those in these parts every now and then~ :P

Personally I can't wait for SatW Belarus to show up - besides her one appearance singing her Eurovision song.

1 month ago #9298162        

Only Humon could pull the old "Welsh men are sheep-fuckers" joke and make it look cute.

3 months ago #9266360        

"Everybody knows that there’s nothing but sheep in New Zeeland" Ooh, Zeeland?

3 months ago #9265877        

Is it bad that I literally drew New Zealand and Wales getting married?

3 months ago #9263473        

Because sheep need love too! ^^

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