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Dinner Partner


Dinner Partner

Everybody knows that there’s nothing but sheep in New Zeeland, and that Wales is quite fond of sheep. It's a match made in Heaven! ;)

And either Norway, Denmark and Sweden's dinner patners left before time, or Sweden mockingly made Denmark his dinner partner because Denmark once invented man-breasts. :XD:

4th August 2009

8 days ago #9134531      

@cymry preach it

what makes it even worse is that i have really thick black curly hair, so i used to get called baa baa black sheep x(


21 O
1 month ago #9109890      

I'm so sick of this Welsh stereotype. Constantly being called a variation of "sheep rapist" after introducing yourself to people gets old quick.

1 month ago #9106403      

Ahh... Female Sweden. XD
Love the WalesxNew Zealand sheep pairing. They're a cute couple.

2 months ago #9105569      

New Wales Land will come soon.BEWARE!!!!!!!!

2 months ago #9091690      

@katarie123 IKR?

2 months ago #9084320      

be afraid, be very afraid


16 M
3 months ago #9064151      

I saw this and immediately remembered this

4 months ago #9048848      

anyone else notice that Norway could only keep Denmark away from the beer for 15 minuets, thats gold XD

4 months ago #9040977      

the faeroes should hang out with wales and new zealand or something, the faeroes LIVES of sheep and sea animals

4 months ago #9034813      

Wales and sheeps... perfect pairing....

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