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"Hello, Old Chaps. FOOTBALL!"

England is a major non-Nordic character in Scandinavia and the World, usually found as the Nordic nations' victim, bickering with his family, or enjoying a civilised tea party with his good friends, Japan and Sweden.
England was first introduced at the end of the comic We should be friends.
In the first comics, he initially wore the Union Jack. What did you say seems to be the last comic where he is wears the Union Jack. His excuse for wearing this instead of the St. George's Cross was that he was mistaken for a member of the Red Cross, however he shortly adopted the St. George's Cross regardless.

England is pale, with finely combed black hair and always seen with a monocle.

He is the father of the Australias, the Americas and Sealand with New Zealand being the family pet. He is also the adoptive father of Canada, France's son. Despite being a father of strict discipline, he is a kind man to children of other nations. He also has a sibling of his own, Sister England:

He is voiced by Stanton Nichols.

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