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We should be friends

We should be friends

Sweden Denmark and Norway never hates each other more than when we play football. :XD:

I wanted to include Greenland somehow, and then started wondering if Sweden and Norway have any islands where they don't speak Swedish or Norwegian. Sweden doesn’t have any, and Norway just have volcano island, Jan Mayen (Besides Svalbard), where the only humans are Norwegian scientists.

5th July 2009

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28 days ago #9352643        

Jan mayen kinda looks like the girl from the ring. or maybe its been too long since i watched it XD

1 month ago #9348420        

Please turn this Britain into an avatar!!!

3 months ago #9333141        

I was like "This seems a little sappy"... then England said "FOOTBALL!" and they started fighting like feral dogs and I thought, "Ah, there's SATW."

3 months ago #9328763        

Dammit England!


3 months ago #9328737        

You know, Greenland was orginally norwegian, but when the union union between Norway and Denmark broke up Greenland kind of sticked to Denmark for no reason at all

3 months ago #9326419        

There is no one other we want to beat so hard than Sweden. And the bestest of the best to beat Sweden is Petter Northug. Hahaha, can't stop thinking of that moment when he stopped on the finish line and when the swedish skier came he just jumped over it and won. And one other time he took a swedish flag and skied to the finish line and won.
Of course, when we have beaten Sweden we want to beat Denmark. xD

3 months ago #9326049        

Dammit England why did you have to ruin the moment?!


20 M
3 months ago #9321674        

@Corson Wow that's pretty deep specially for a person like me whose new in this fandom. Well I can understand that everyone wants a victory for their home. I just got misleaded by some. Anyways thanks for the heads up, it was really informative and easy to understand guide. If there were a like button or something so to show my appreciation. I would already done that and thanks again.


34 M
4 months ago #9316148        


Nah, it's not that bad. There's absolutely a rivalry, but Scandinavian fans are nothing like in some other regions, where people end up being stabbed etc. There are occasional fights (Even among national league team fans.) but the general football fan is just an average person wanting to watch football and have some beer.
The Scandinavian countries love to get a victory (In anything.) over one of the others and tease them about it, but it's just the typical Scandinavian rivalry-teasing thing. And often quite sarcastic as well. It's just how we are.

One example was during the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. A bunch of Danish fans joined up with Ukrainian fans when they played against Sweden just to mess with the Swedes. ( )It's nothing serious though. It's just for fun and to annoy the Swedes. I doubt a single one of them has any problem with Sweden at all.
I think most Danes would be cheering for Sweden if they went on to the finals or whatever just like a lot of Swedes were cheering for Denmark when we won the Euro 1992 in Sweden.
If Denmark doesn't qualify (Or gets knocked out.) of some kind of tournament, I'm always cheering for our neighbors.

Danish handball fans also cheered for the Norwegian female team at the Olympics in London. Some fans even drew a blue cross across the Danish flag, so it looked like the Norwegian one. ;)
( )

Generally speaking we're quite good friends, but we just can't help it. We need to tease each other from time to time. :)


20 M
4 months ago #9315460        

Are they really that blood thirsty when when it comes to football? o.o

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