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We should be friends


We should be friends

Sweden Denmark and Norway never hates each other more than when we play football. :XD:

I wanted to include Greenland somehow, and then started wondering if Sweden and Norway have any islands where they don't speak Swedish or Norwegian. Sweden doesn’t have any, and Norway just have volcano island, Jan Mayen (Besides Svalbard), where the only humans are Norwegian scientists.

4th July 2009


15 F
19 days ago #9303471        

Today, my friends were looking on a globe, and they noticed a tiny dot between Iceland and Norway. They asked, "What's that? It's apparently called 'Jan Mayen'..." And I almost screamed, cause I recognized it from these comics. Thank you.


15 F
20 days ago #9302706        

Also, is Sweden a vampire?


15 F
20 days ago #9302704        

When ever I see this, a wonder, in that last panel, did Denmark grow a green claw, or what?

24 days ago #9299868        

Humon, would you please make the 8th panel of this comic as an icon? It's too cute to be abandon :*

29 days ago #9297706        

Our biggest goal in life is to beat the Swedes in handbol, we call them ,,Svíagrýla,,.

5 months ago #9237504        

YEAH FOOTBALL! It ruins the frienships of the most best of friends XD

7 months ago #9189264        

i actually hate football but i love world cup champion. i don't understand why?

9 months ago #9142692        

Football, the bane of civility.

9 months ago #9135950        

Svalbard, bitch!

11 months ago #9106909        

This is hilarious!!!

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