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We should be friends

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We should be friends

Sweden Denmark and Norway never hates each other more than when we play football. :XD:

I wanted to include Greenland somehow, and then started wondering if Sweden and Norway have any islands where they don't speak Swedish or Norwegian. Sweden doesn’t have any, and Norway just have volcano island, Jan Mayen (Besides Svalbard), where the only humans are Norwegian scientists.

4th July 2009

3 months ago #9237504        

YEAH FOOTBALL! It ruins the frienships of the most best of friends XD

6 months ago #9189264        

i actually hate football but i love world cup champion. i don't understand why?

8 months ago #9142692        

Football, the bane of civility.

8 months ago #9135950        

Svalbard, bitch!

9 months ago #9106909        

This is hilarious!!!

9 months ago #9106378        

What about Finland? Sweden used to own us, too...

10 months ago #9103380        

Football ruins lives people! It brought back nazism!

10 months ago #9091945        

wooo! Football! Even us Canadians love it! well some of us....the rest are glued to hockey.


21 O
10 months ago #9090845        

@TheBrewer Very true! :)

10 months ago #9090753        

@Dragon you are American, you cant help it :P hehe no offence intended my friend :)

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