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Tea-Party Crasher

Tea-Party Crasher

Just invite Denmark next time, okay?

Apparently Japanese people have very high blood pressure, because that’s the only way to explain why people in anime and manga get explosive nosebleeds when they’re turned on. :XD:

I’ve had this one lying around for a long time because I kept drawing other comics that I would rather post.

14th August 2010

Tagged in Sweden Germany Japan Netherlands England Denmark

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27 F
5 hours ago #9361491        

I think sister Japan just ruptured something important, lol!

2 months ago #9342842        

Denmark x Netherlands is my new ship.

No regrets

2 months ago #9341255        

I love the slow lead-up in this one.

3 months ago #9332199        

I ship the foursome of DeNorNetGer



13 F
3 months ago #9331072        

Sorry, Norway. Denmark X Netherlands <3

3 months ago #9329543        

Japan must be so embarrassed about his sister messing up the beautiful new tea-party tablecloth

3 months ago #9326283        



21 M
3 months ago #9324470        

This was awesome.


16 F
4 months ago #9322190        

Englands face on the twelfth pandel xD

4 months ago #9320762        

((I ship the threesome of DeNetGer))

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