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Tea-Party Crasher


Tea-Party Crasher

Just invite Denmark next time, okay?

Apparently Japanese people have very high blood pressure, because that’s the only way to explain why people in anime and manga get explosive nosebleeds when they’re turned on. :XD:

I’ve had this one lying around for a long time because I kept drawing other comics that I would rather post.

13th August 2010

7 days ago #9132154      

Oh my god this makes so much sense! I'm half Japanese and I could never understand why I got so many bloody noses as a child. I am enlightened :)

10 days ago #9130212      

South Korean here. I can personally vouch East Asians get nosebleeds easily when they're stressed. I get one every time I sleep later than 3pm. Bad way to start a morning :(


13 F
28 days ago #9116814      

...Netherlands, Germany and Denmark togehter... xD haha poor Germany!

1 month ago #9115150      

I have wonderd about that for a long time. Personaly I have a nose that bleed easely, mustly during winter (I heard somthing about it being the cold that shrink the bloodvessels), but never when I have been aroused.

If it is like in manga, it means that she likes it.


32 M
1 month ago #9114583      

i am confused about the nasal bleedings of sister japan! does she like the yaoui of germany or hate it???

1 month ago #9103012      

Guys with glasses and sister Japan are sophisticated? Whatever floats your boat I guess.

2 months ago #9098993      

(´ω`♡) -> ⊙▂⊙ -> ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́. I can die happy now (^་།^) DENMARK, NETHERLANDS MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR REAL!!


19 M
2 months ago #9098434      

Hahahah, Sister Japan. You're SO sweet!


22 F
2 months ago #9093861      

Sister Japan is my soul mate <3

2 months ago #9092540      

The last panel is the best! :D

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