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Good to see you England


Good to see you England

Oh what fun Sweden, Norway and Denmark used to have with England. :XD:

8th July 2009

2 months ago #9160726        


Well, he never did.

2 months ago #9155627        

I want to see England get his revenge!

3 months ago #9150062        

Hell yeah, Norsemen!

3 months ago #9146052        

And Wales And Scotland

3 months ago #9142700        

Let's drink lots of ale and eat our bellies round so we may die fighting and reach Valhalla!

3 months ago #9142448        

Yay! Let's go invade Britain!

3 months ago #9135952        

That's not England, it's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

4 months ago #9128799        

The englanders (the slave driving masters of the south)
did the same with Ireland

5 months ago #9103382        

Ha ha!, Vikings will be Vikings!
Brave souls |:

5 months ago #9100343        

@kalooni you get that this is supposed to be comedy rather than some big 100% accurate history lesson, right? If you came here looking for an in depth 100 page analysis of the vikings then you came to the wrong place. Here we're just trying to have fun. :)

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