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Good to see you England


Good to see you England

Oh what fun Sweden, Norway and Denmark used to have with England. :XD:

8th July 2009

14 days ago #9223362        

True, but the nordic countries never became part of it.
Maby we had been next in line if it had not been for Ghandi, tho.


21 M
15 days ago #9223043        


Not unless you consider creating the largest kingdom ever a payback ;)

3 months ago #9160726        


Well, he never did.

3 months ago #9155627        

I want to see England get his revenge!

4 months ago #9150062        

Hell yeah, Norsemen!

4 months ago #9146052        

And Wales And Scotland

4 months ago #9142700        

Let's drink lots of ale and eat our bellies round so we may die fighting and reach Valhalla!

4 months ago #9142448        

Yay! Let's go invade Britain!

4 months ago #9135952        

That's not England, it's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

5 months ago #9128799        

The englanders (the slave driving masters of the south)
did the same with Ireland

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