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Good to see you England

Good to see you England

Oh what fun Sweden, Norway and Denmark used to have with England. :XD:

9th July 2009

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20 days ago #9381594        

Why is England wearing the wrong flag? He is wearing the British flag, which is not his; it belongs equally to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

2 months ago #9360050        

Ahh yes. The good old viking era. XD


18 F
3 months ago #9350770        

@ShylokVakarian she probally does, but it have become some sort of a symbol, that is used as an easy way to show that this is a viking


25 M
3 months ago #9349899        

Technically... he's Britain, but sure, why not.


3 months ago #9349596        

Poor England got a nice Norwegian fish in this exchange.

4 months ago #9345793        

@british_sparkle_rave Beacuse you betrayed the gods you white christ worshipper! :stare:

And for the lulz :P

4 months ago #9343406        

America: Can I join?

5 months ago #9333546        

Who hasn't wanted to pillage and conquer England.

5 months ago #9333143        

Those faces in the third panel though...

5 months ago #9332061        

lol, I thought Scandinavia would know better that the vikings didn't have horned helmets.

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