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What did you say?


What did you say?

Ah, the languages of the Nordics.

Few people realize this, but Norwegians actually speak a language that is far closer to old Danish than Norwegian, while people on Iceland actually speak something close to old Norwegian.
Little FennoSwede is holding on to his uncle Finland because FennoSwedes are Finns who speak Swedish.

Though, you could really just say Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and to some extend Icelandic (But not Finnish) are nothing more than different dialects, seeing as we understand each other if we talk reeeeaaaaly slow and clear.

And it will of course never not be funny how some Americans treat British like a completely different language. :XD:
Sure, some words are different and it’s a different accent, but try coming to Europe. We’ll show you what “different language” means. ;)

24th July 2010


23 M
6 days ago #9205798        

All Scandinavians speak low German anyway ;)


22 F
8 days ago #9204287        

@kyzb hehe


52 F
12 days ago #9200570        

On a train to Leoland from Kaupmannahöfn I was asked if we were from Finnland. The woman found our icelandic language harsh sounding. LOL

19 days ago #9194252        

Understanding each other can also depend heavily on where you live. I can understand Norwegian to around 95 % (give or take a few words). I live on the west coastline of Sweden, hence our Swedish dialect is similar to the happy tones of Norwegian. However, she told me that she met a Sweden from the eastern parts, and he couldn't understand her at all. And as Humon says, I can understand some Danish, but with some they do need to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and not in a heavy dialect.

And Finnish does indeed not count. Icelandic is still a mystery, I can understand a few similarities in the written language but as for spoken... nope

24 days ago #9189478        

I know but Colour comes up for me too.
I know that :P

Yes they are some stupid American just like there is anywhere else in the world.

24 days ago #9189467        

@Meanwhile I said etc..... Meaning those words weren't the only ones. And I was saying stupid americans the way people get annoyed with something and call it/them stupid. Although to be fair USA is near bottom ranking in education, so it's not like it's that untrue....

24 days ago #9189395        

And Colour ?

That totally wasn't insulting.

24 days ago #9189386        

I hate american spell check.... I AM NOT MISSPELLING FAVOURITE, NEIGHBOUR, HUMOUR ETC!! Stupid fricken americans....


26 M
27 days ago #9187028        

@blondie Well, we do have more English speakers than anyone else. Oops I mean American speakers. :)


22 F
1 month ago #9173108        

@America-sama america is very self-centered from the Nordic perspective, they would change it to "american" if they could ;)
Fun fact, I met an American girl last year who did not know where Russia was...
she was 19 btw

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