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Oh, get a room you two!

America is super popular in Japan, and Japan is super popular in America, though most everyday people in either country don't know this.

I talked to a Japanese woman who told me that when she went to USA everything felt so familiar because they watched so many American movies in Japan and she almost felt at home, but when she went to Europe she had no idea what to do with herself.

8th October 2012

5 days ago #9133654      

@meanwhile ya back baby!!!!!;)

7 days ago #9133085      

That's not entirely true. Japanese culture isn't strong on the East coast I can tell you that.

7 days ago #9133072      

Are you a fan of Doctor Who by any chance ? :)

7 days ago #9133061      

i ship it ^^

23 days ago #9122125      

as Mexican and been the beard of States... I can say that I grew up with Japanese and American cartoons that's all what we have. Now many kids learn Japanese with manga and anime... Also, We are very deep into American media and entertainment that I can hardly stand Mexican entertainment. I just don't like it. Actually, I have many Japaneses and American friends too.
I've seen that the rest of the continent is full of American entertainment too. I could add, that they are very well acquainted with Mexican entertainment, that amazed me, they know more from Mexican tv and music than me!!
Anyway, as for me from time to time I enjoy from a European entertainment as well :D

1 month ago #9108699      

So true it hurts... I <3 Japan!!!!!!!

2 months ago #9099627      

lol Bff's forever <3

2 months ago #9096640      

I couldn't agree with this comic more...then again, I'm biased because I am smitten with Japanese culture and history...and its food. Especially the food. <3


21 M
2 months ago #9094257      

is like that in all america, not america country but the real america, THE CONTINENT. I am from argentina and feel united states as my second country because all the good movies and cartoons that we watch are mainly yankees. the the otaku-japan culture brought by manga and anime is something that is taking a lot of power also here too. curious thing is that many young people as myself in the past and also now know as much or even more about the yankees history as our own.

2 months ago #9086092      

Japanese culture is HUGE here. Especially among the youth of america. I can understand what the Japanese women must have felt like when she came to the U.S. I'm a die hard Otaku, so when i went to japan i felt completely at ease with the culture and pop references there

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