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Oh, get a room you two!

America is super popular in Japan, and Japan is super popular in America, though most everyday people in either country don't know this.

I talked to a Japanese woman who told me that when she went to USA everything felt so familiar because they watched so many American movies in Japan and she almost felt at home, but when she went to Europe she had no idea what to do with herself.

8th October 2012

21 days ago #9303634        

...Well, now I know you're hetero...


17 M
23 days ago #9301985        

@ShylokVakarian Yes! Yes! That has to happen ASAP!

2 months ago #9287177        

I knew. Sister America and Sister Japan should just have lesbian sex already.


22 F
2 months ago #9275034        

Sister Japan <3 I have been to Japan twice and are going back next year. Her personality in this comic is the best :D

3 months ago #9263461        

Ladies you're both beautiful shut up

4 months ago #9256966        

I've been to Japan and yes, this is true.

4 months ago #9249379        

Anybody obsessed with Japan is called a weeaboo, American or not. :P

5 months ago #9240659        

If american Japan Freaks are called Weeaboos then what are japanese America Freaks called??

6 months ago #9216981        

@darlek, I'm sorry to say, the Dr Who aliens are actually Daleks. If it helps, they're not very nice.

6 months ago #9215687        

Korea's Reaction: Fans? :(

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