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Oh, get a room you two!

America is super popular in Japan, and Japan is super popular in America, though most everyday people in either country don't know this.

I talked to a Japanese woman who told me that when she went to USA everything felt so familiar because they watched so many American movies in Japan and she almost felt at home, but when she went to Europe she had no idea what to do with herself.

8th October 2012

3 months ago #9151935        

You'll find it then :)

3 months ago #9151932        

@Meanwhile yes, We have Netflix... I will for it.. thanks

3 months ago #9150972        



43 M
3 months ago #9148646        

so true beyond words

3 months ago #9148319        

Yes :)
Naw I didn't know.
Do you have Netflix in Mexico ? You can find the box sets of the old and new series there :)

3 months ago #9147879        

@Meanwhile wow! I didn't know about this nickname I picked.. you know, I made it some years ago... I should look for channel in Internet to watch Doctor Who...

3 months ago #9147739        

That reminds me of Fat Bastard XD
Welcome back !
Darlek happens to be a name of a species in Doctor Who so that's why I asked .
Whoa there's a movie ?
Ah yes that new Sherlock Holmes series should be good :)

3 months ago #9147488        

@Meanwhile, I'm sorry to say that I'm not a fan of doctor Who... I've watched him different times and the movie which I like but I haven't seen the whole thing... It's not very easy to get Britain entertainment in Mexico, but looking on Internet, I have found somethings like Sherlock Holmes TV series from the BBC or Spooks

3 months ago #9143097        

There are American college students who don't eat much other than sushi, including the hydroponic seaweed. Fact.

4 months ago #9133654        

@meanwhile ya back baby!!!!!;)

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