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The Netherlands

"Man I'm hungry! Wanna' visit Belgium and get some waffles?"

The Netherlands is a male character who made his first appearance in Boobs and a Joint (warning: boobs and joints), where he is seen smoking a joint with Denmark.

In his first comic and second appearance in the series, This is Bikeland, Netherlands is riding bikes with Denmark where they both get angry at Iceland for driving his car on the bike trail and destroy his car. At the end of the comic Netherlands' silhouette in the background is saying he's hungry and asking Denmark if he wants to visit Belgium for some waffles.

Though Netherlands mentioned Belgium before his debut, Netherlands was disgusted even though he was blushing when Sister Japan said she paired them together, asking why he was 'paired off with the geek'.

Netherlands spends the majority of his time with Denmark, were they both develop a habit of doing a Surprise Yaoi on Germany to get a reaction from Sister Japan, who has a nose bleed every time. Though Germany is the one who always apologies, Netherlands and Denmark do the Surprise Yaoi whenever they can and even asked Faroe Islands if he wanted to do it with them for Sister Japan. Faroe Islands declined this and, being the most homophobic of the Nordics, declared it a sin, which Netherlands and Denmark didn't understand. They decided to do the surprise Yaoi without Faroe Islands when they saw Sister Japan coming, causing both her and Faroe Islands to have a nose bleed. After Netherlands and Denmark gave him a smug look seeing that they turned Faroe Islands on, he hit them with a giant cross. Netherlands also once dressed up as Van Helsing with Romania.

Christania once claimed that Denmark always makes out with Netherlands.

Netherlands is a lot like Denmark in many ways.

Netherlands has short light brown hair, a little similar to Denmark's hair style, and blue eyes. He wears a Dutch flag shirt, blue pants and white shoes. He's also the second character after England to have a sister who doesn't have the same hair color or hair style as him: sister-nether

Sister Netherlands is seen in Who to give Flowers as she brings Canada flowers in thanks for their liberation of the Netherlands during the second World War. She is also seen in Australian Princess as one of the princesses attending the royal ball, she represents Anouk performing "Birds" at Eurovision 2013, lastly, she makes a appearance in "I'm Moving" with Canada These appearances are her only so far, and no distinct personality can be drawn from them.

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