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Australian Princess


Australian Princess

While drawing this a program about the royal wedding between the Danish crown prince Frederik and the Australian Mary started on TV. :)

Mary have become a very beloved princess in Denmark. Unlike the French guy our queen Margrethe married, Mary was very quick to learn Danish and she just overall seems like a really nice lady.

It may seem like a weird mix to have Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands together, that’s because those four royal families usually hang out together.

Denmark crying at the end is also a reference to the wedding, where prince Frederik started crying like baby. (And her father was wearing an awesome kilt!) :D

10th October 2010


15 F
28 days ago #9301588        

That was probably Denmark's plan all along. To get the beautiful woman.

1 month ago #9297604        


1 month ago #9296007        

I have, and will always have this as my favorite comic strip :D

2 months ago #9281522        

Some how, I knew Denmark's plan was to get laid

2 months ago #9280134        

I think this is too cute :D
Maybe it´s just ´cause i ove Mary and Frederic :D

2 months ago #9277605        

Based on a true love story.

3 months ago #9274869        

Sooo beautiful!

3 months ago #9272509        

Still a better love story than Twilight.
And than my relationships (None)

3 months ago #9270812        

This is adorable!!!!

6 months ago #9205780        

@America-sama and @DanishGirlDK , get a room! XD

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