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Australian Princess


Australian Princess

While drawing this a program about the royal wedding between the Danish crown prince Frederik and the Australian Mary started on TV. :)

Mary have become a very beloved princess in Denmark. Unlike the French guy our queen Margrethe married, Mary was very quick to learn Danish and she just overall seems like a really nice lady.

It may seem like a weird mix to have Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands together, that’s because those four royal families usually hang out together.

Denmark crying at the end is also a reference to the wedding, where prince Frederik started crying like baby. (And her father was wearing an awesome kilt!) :D

10th October 2010


16 F
5 days ago #9136083      

I was trying to do try for this for the animations but my voice sounds to English. I'm Australian yet I can't do an Australian accent

9 days ago #9133478      


17 days ago #9128560      

Well, it's probably every little girl's dream to be a princess. :) Although Denmark was probably just doing this so he could have sex with sister Australia.


21 M
20 days ago #9126874      

sweet couple..


16 F

Online Now
21 days ago #9125803      

This is so cute! <3

1 month ago #9113076      

still love it <3

1 month ago #9112971      

this is so cute!

1 month ago #9109192      

Aww <3


31 F
1 month ago #9106118      

This may sound lame, but it is the first time im hearing denmark prince and australian princess, lol. The media here in the US is crazy over will and kate, but not so much all the other european monarchs (except monaco, because he married grace kelly). This web is awesome, i love learning new stuff from reading comics, especially since scandinavia and rests of europe besides england, germany, france, and italy, i know very little about.

2 months ago #9103512      

"duh of course" :D

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