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Australian Princess


Australian Princess

While drawing this a program about the royal wedding between the Danish crown prince Frederik and the Australian Mary started on TV. :)

Mary have become a very beloved princess in Denmark. Unlike the French guy our queen Margrethe married, Mary was very quick to learn Danish and she just overall seems like a really nice lady.

It may seem like a weird mix to have Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands together, that’s because those four royal families usually hang out together.

Denmark crying at the end is also a reference to the wedding, where prince Frederik started crying like baby. (And her father was wearing an awesome kilt!) :D

10th October 2010

4 days ago #9274869        

Sooo beautiful!

10 days ago #9272509        

Still a better love story than Twilight.
And than my relationships (None)

15 days ago #9270812        

This is adorable!!!!

4 months ago #9205780        

@America-sama and @DanishGirlDK , get a room! XD

5 months ago #9186297        

@America-sama Omg you make me laugh so much, haha!


26 M

Online Now
5 months ago #9186189        

@DanishGirlDK Every night will be a best night!

5 months ago #9185513        

@America-sama Omg haha, that's kinda nice to know, haha!


26 M

Online Now
5 months ago #9185511        

@DanishGirlDK DUH! Of course! Would be my response anytime you ask me if you were going to get laid tonight!

5 months ago #9185494        

@America-sama Omg, that sentence with "Am I going to get laid tonight" cracked me, haha!


26 M

Online Now
5 months ago #9185449        

@DanishGirlDK I can give you the transcript to read.

You: What's the matter, America-sama?
Me: Oh nothing... It's just... I always wanted to dress up as a prince and go to the royal ball, but I'm not allowed to because America doesn't have it's own royal family. But that's okay. I'll just watch the ball on TV tomorrow...

Me: What are you doing?
You: You may not have an American crown to wear to the ball, but you can be a Danish Prince tonight, if you want to.

Me: Thank you, DanishGirlDK. This is the best night of my life.

You: Am I going to get laid tonight?
Me: DUH! Of course!

You: This is the best night of my life!

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